How to PAY Edgars Account Online/Offline?

Paying your Edgars account is easy and reliable. Various methods can be used to pay the Edgars account. Not just online payments, but Edgars facilitates payments through debit and credit cards, phone, store payments, EFT payments, and so on.

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For those who are trying to figure out what Edgars account is, to clarify, it is a South African retail store that facilitates a lot of different kinds of payment options to the people who shop from them.

How to Pay edgars account Online

How to PAY Edgars Account Online?

You can simply use the Easy Pay option present for Edgars account holders to pay your Edgars account.

Click on the Easy Pay option and then select the amount, debit, or credit card you want to use to make the payment and then click on Pay to complete your payment online.

You can also use the following online and offline methods as given below to make the payments.

Through EFT [1]

If you want to pay Edgars using the EFT option, here is what you will need to do.

  1. Use your online banking platform to make a fund transfer to your EFT account.
  2. Through your FNB account (if you have one), you can make the payments.
  3. Incorporate the following details as given:

The account name is Edgars

  • Bank is First National Bank
  • The account number is 5045 1141 440
  • The branch number is 251105
  • The account name is Transmission Account
  • The branch name is Pritchard Street
  • Reference Number is your 19 digit account number

Through Capitec App

Visit your Capitec app and complete the following steps.

  • Sign in to the Capitec app with your credentials.
  • Use an online provider from the many that Capitec uses like Pay@, Ozow, PayU, or even PayGenius.
  • Add your cellphone number, account number, or ID number in the appropriate place.
  • Next, click on the Transact tab, and click on the Capitec Pay option to complete the approval of the payment.


The Edgars account can be paid online and is one of the easiest ways to use it for payment. A few quick and easy steps as given here will make you reach your online payment option easily.

  1. You can open any bank’s online banking option like the FNB bank for example. Visit,
  2. Choose the payment option from your home page, and then select the once off option from the tabs.
  3. From the search option, type Edgars and then choose the appropriate account.
  4. Fill in the payment name, the amount payable, and the reference account number.
  5. Choose the Pay tab and then enter the OTP that appears on your phone.
  6. After you find the details of your payment reflected on your screen, press the Finish tab option.

You can also pay by other means as given here below.


To pay using the ATM option, here is the process using any bank.

  1. Insert your bank ATM card and then press the keys to insert your PIN.
  2. Choose the Make Deposit option from the main menu and then choose the Deposit Cash option.
  3. From the Select to Account Menu tab, choose the Pay FNB recipient tab.
  4. In there, type EDG and then choose the Edgars account that you want to make a payment for.
  5. Next, enter your 19-digit Edgars account number for reference and then choose the Proceed tab.
  6. Choose the usual deposit option for your ATM.

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Where to PAY Edgars account?

Apart from paying the Edgars account online and offline through the means stated, you can also use the other options given below to continue.

Use EcoCash to make your Edgars payment.

  1. Dial *151# and then enter EcoCash Pin.
  2. Select Option 2 which says make payment and then the pay bill option as option 1.
  3. Next, enter your Edgars Account number or use, *151*2*1*01262*money amount* beside your Edgars Account Number #.

Pay Edgars Account using OneMoney

  • For getting there dial *554#, EDGARS/JET Payments which will be option 4.
  • Choose Payment Option 1, account number, amount, and then PIN to confirm.
  • Confirmation for your transaction is sent to you through an SMS.

Contact DetailsIf you want to contact them, you will need to use the following number, +263-029-2881626/35 and [email protected] email I to reach them.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you buy online with Edgars account?

Yes, you can buy online with your Edgars account

At what stores can I pay my Edgars account?

Stores, where you can pay and pick up with your Edgars account, are Pick n Pay, Checkers, Game, Shoprite, Makro, and Builders.

What if I don’t pay Edgars?

If you can’t pay Edgars, your charges will increase with your overdue account and it will reach your maximum interest rate.

How to Check Edgars Account Online?

Register a new account with Edgars online and login with your account. Use Edgars account to pay, choose items and conduct essential functions using the account.


Here is what Edgars account payments and steps will look like when you want to pay your Edgars bills. You can view your statement by visiting the My Accounts section of Edgars account, and then clicking on the Statement tab. Now, click on the view statement option to find out more about your dues. Read this article carefully to understand what you can do with your Edgars account.

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