How to Install and use Nipun Lakshya app (Complete Guide 2024)?

Nipun Lakshya app details. Taking tuition would mean going out of your home. But what do you do if you have an app for it as well? Most of us would love to use the app to take up our tuition classes.

Here is an app in India that works very well for young students who need help with their studies and subjects. Find more about the Nipun Lakshya app and what you can do with it below.

What is Nipun Lakshya app?

With the help of the Nipun Lakshya app, you will be able to train young minds from Class I to V. This particular Nipun Lakshya is very effective in effectively increasing the reading capacities of individuals. With its help, you could also help solve the Maths questions and other related problems.

Not just students and teachers but also parents can use the app to check their child’s progress. The app Nipun Lakshya was built under the Prerna Mission policy brought forth by Yogi Adityanath’s UP government.


Nipun Lakshya app

Here are some of the features of the Nipun Lakshya app and these include.

  • Designing tests and creating assessments and using these assessments by students is the prime motive for using this app.
  • The scorecard is also visible with the help of the Nipun Lakshya app. Teachers and your parents can see your scorecard.
  • You can easily navigate using the app and even basic training of teachers is being done to utilise the app in the best possible way.
  • It also houses the read along app which gives students a game like experience. It features many different stories for students and also provides students with hundreds of different such features.

How to download Nipun Lakshya app?

You can download it absolutely free from Google Playstore for Android users.

Search with the Nipun Lakshya app’s name on the search bar and then when you find the app, click on the download tab or install tab to get the app with you.

How to use Nipun Lakshya app?

To use the app, students, teachers, and even parents will need to follow the below process after downloading it to their systems.

  1. Enter your UDISE code, add your class, and subject into the given spaces.
  2. Next, those who want to take the exams can do it by going to the exam segment.
  3. After visiting the exam segment, they need to complete the paper, and once done; their scorecard will be available almost immediately.
  4. Your report card can even be reviewed by your parents as well as the teachers.


These are the following benefits the app promises to bring in the way of the students.

  • The app can help increase the reading abilities of the students as students can read different things from the app more often.
  • Even their writing abilities would undergo a massive improvement with the help of the Nipun Lakshya app.
  • It can help estimate the skilfulness of students and can also figure out how much more they can improve.
  • The minimum reading speed can be determined with the help of the app.
  • It will also help students, teachers, and parents determine which subjects they need most help with.


Based on the app size, the benefits of the app, and the different features associated with the app, this particular app has a total rating of 3-4 in almost all those sites that have published a review of this app. If you also want to know more about the Nipun Lakshya app, head to Google Playstore and download it from there. We too would like to rate it similarly so that there is no confusion around it.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Nipun Bharat Abhiyaan related to the Nipun Lakshya app?

Yes, under the Nipun Bharat Abhiyan, children from Bal Vatika to class III are to be trained in language and mathematics. This particular app, the Nipun Lakshya app is designed to evaluate the progress shown by children under the Nipun Bharat Abhiyan program.

Is the app available only for Android users?

Yes, it is available only for Android users right now in Google Playstore.

Do they have contact details for the Nipun Lakshya app?

You can contact them via email and the email address is [email protected] for queries and doubts or even some issues.


If you are in UP right now and your child is going to a government school, you might have heard about the app. Download the app and learn it’s working but to do that, you need to read this blog article to ensure you know what to do.

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