How to Install and Download Jankalyan App [2024]?

Apps have turned as more important gadgets than any other these days. If you are wondering what could help you in the best way then you need to know that there needs to be an app where you can get all information about the different government schemes available around us. Knowing them will help us go for them better.

In Rajasthan, such an app already exists and goes by the name of Jankalyan app.

What is Jankalyan app?

The Jankalyan app brings you the latest details of whatever is happening around you in terms of government schemes and demands. It connects you directly to different government schemes and if you want to know more about its features, you must refer to the next section.

The Jankalyan app is designed by the government of Rajasthan and it envisions reaching more and more people every day. The app facilitates the role of a carrier and helps people know about different government schemes no sooner they are announced. Gone are the days when people did not take government-provided advantages due to a lack of proper knowledge about the schemes.

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One of the few best features of the Jan Kalyan app includes the following;

  1. It covers different health services available for the public readily through the Jankalyan app.
  2. You can book appointments, access different medical records, and track vaccination schedules easily through the app.
  3. Check different government documents and upload them here.
  4. Know more about different schemes and services, and also go through different projects from here.
  5. You can apply online for ht e government-sponsored schemes easily through the app.

How to download Jankalyan app?
You can download the app from either Google Playstore or Apple appstore for both Android and iOS devices. These are official sites from where you can download the apps absolutely free of cost.


The different benefits of the Jankalyan app include;

  1. The app plans to empower citizens with proper knowledge by developing the right channel between the government and the general public.
  2. Real time application tracking facilities are available through the app.
  3. Applying for different certificates is feasible through this app.
  4. Every certificate that the government issues in your area in Rajasthan can be obtained using the app.

Use their app’s feedback center to send feedback to them about what you want them to improve within the app.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which state in India is providing the Jankalyan app facility for its people?

The people of Rajasthan are providing the Jankalyan app facility for its people currently in India.

When was the Jankalyan app started?

It began on 18 December 2020 and the Jankalyan app has already reached many people.

What are the helpline units for the Jankalyan app?

You can reach them at +91-141-2921063 or email them at [email protected] for any of your queries and issues with the app.


Read more about the features and benefits of the Jankalyan app and you will know what you can get from the app. Find out more about the Jankalyan app like how you can download it and use it for your betterment.

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