How to Download & Fillout KSLC Grant Application Form?

The KSLC grant application is for those libraries which need funds to manage the library operations. To be able to receive funds, there is a form-filling requirement. Once the form is filled, the KSLC grant application request for that particular library will be initiated.

Once the application forms are scrutinized by the board appropriately, the KSLC grant will be allotted to the libraries.

How to Download KSLC Grant Application Form?

Fillout KSLC Grant Application Form

Downloading the KSLC grant application form is possible from the KSLC site. Choose the form you must fill by going through the list of forms available on the site.

Since the site is under construction, you will have to toggle to the Kerala State Library Council if you need to know anything about the application details. The KSLC unit has almost 8182 libraries under its banner. Libraries receive a grant for setting up and improving their operations and physical conditions.

Application Requrements?

Depending on the grant application, requirements vary. If a library is requesting grants for integrating important library affiliations and management, their needs would be different from the grants being given to maintain their physical conditions.

Libraries must fulfill few essential requirements to get through the KSLC grant schemes.

  • The libraries must have at least 50 members.
  • They need to possess 1000 books.
  • One socio-cultural event needs to be done every month.

How to fillout KSLC Grant Application Form?

Filling out the KSLC grant application is an easy process if you already have all the details. KSLC grant applications will be given to only those libraries that fulfil the above minimum requirements.

  • Start by downloading the form and then fill up the basic details of your library.
  • The name of the library and the librarian, address of the premises are bare minimum details.
  • If the premises do not belong to the library owner, proof about them needs to be provided during the application.
  • Amounts received towards library maintenance need to be declared for the grant in the form of proofs.
  • The rest of the details need to be completed before submitting the form to the State Library Council.


So here’s a brief about the KSLC grants. If you own a library and plan to apply for assistance, you can follow this short article to gain more clarity.

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