How do I edit my CAO application? (Cancel Application)

It is hard for students to choose what they want to do after school. Even if they decide what they want to become, they do not know where to start. Now, here comes the Central Application Office (CAO) that assists such students in finding the right path and an institution to excel and serve society.

What is CAO?

CAO stands for Central Application Office. It guides and provides the facility that students need post-schooling. In simpler terms, CAO handles the processing of applications for higher education fields. CAO ensures that every student gets admission reasonably and efficiently. On the student’s behalf, the CAO will fill out the college or university admission form based on the student’s choices and finally will allot the seats. It is spread across the country and works centrally.

Can you cancel a CAO application?

cancel CAO application

Yes, indeed, a student can cancel their CAO application whenever they feel like it. If there is a problem in the application, then instead of canceling, you can even change the details in the application by using the Change of Mind form. However, there are very few chances that your application fee will be refunded. 

How to cancel CAO application Online?

Canceling a CAO application is very easy and smooth. The student must fill out a cancellation form and an acknowledgment, making it clear that they want to opt-out of the CAO application process. So, if you have decided to cancel, then you can download the cancellation form from the CAO’s official website.

Now, filling out the cancellation form carefully is very important. It is advisable that the student read the form first, thoroughly understand it, fill out every blank carefully, and then finally send the request along with the cancellation form to the Central Application Office for withdrawing your CAO application. Once your application is successfully canceled, the student will get the confirmation of the same on the given contact details, mainly the email.

What are application Requirements?

 They are certain documents that are needed when you apply for the CAO application for your admission to a college or university. The list of the minimum required documents for the application form are :

  • Copy of ID
  • Final grade 11 report or highest qualification achieved
  • Copy of study/residence permit if you are a non-South African applicant
  • June grade 12 report (as soon as you receive it)
  • September/Trial Grade 12 report (as soon as you receive it)

Students need to upload these essential documents with their application forms. If there is a need for any more specific requirements for the application, then the student will be informed by the CAO.

How do I edit my CAO application?

edit cao application

 It is always advised that you must at least check your application or form once before filling it out. Nevertheless, if you have made any mistake in your application and want to change your course in it, then the student also has the facility to edit their application. There is an option called to change your mind on the CAO website.

Now follow the following steps to make the changes in your course if you have not crossed the period for the alteration.

  1. Simply log in to the CAO application portal using your login credentials.
  2. Go to the My application option.  There click on the Add/change course choices.
  3. There, present your preferred courses on the New List and re-arrange the courses based on your preferences.
  4. Finally, click on Continue with course changes, and your changes will be saved.
  5. Before logging out, kindly check the acknowledgment of changes that will be sent to your email. Be sure to see there whether your changes have been altered correctly or not.

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