How to check IRCC application status with IRCC Number?

What is the IRCC application?

The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) application is a program designed to help immigrants upon arrival in Canada. Suppose you want to go to Canada, either with Canadian citizenship, as a permanent resident (PR), a study or work permit, or a Canadian visa.

In that case, you must fill the IRCC application. It protects refugees and offers various programs that help settle up newcomers in Canada. IRCC is also involved in granting citizenship or travel documents like passports to Canadian citizens.

How to check IRCC application status?

IRCC application

If you want to check the IRCC application status, click on the provided link. Further, choose the reason for your application from the dropdown.

The information displayed below your application will ask you to sign in to the Express Entry Online account.

  • Sign in to your account and then view the submitted profiles or applications.
  • Press the check status and messages option to find out the application status.

If you have connected your application to an online account, the application status can also be checked from the IRCC account.

  • To do so, submit your application and then create an IRCC account.
  • Connect the IRCC secure account to your already existing application.
  • Online updates and messages can be obtained this way. Here you’d be updated regularly about your IRCC application status.

How to check application status with IRCC number?

IRCC number has to be located, and these are a few places where your IRCC number is mentioned.

  • From the letters you receive from them, you can locate the IRCC number from the top left corner of the mail.
  • If you sign in to your account, you can spot your IRCC number from the acknowledgment letter received by you,
  • From the invitation for a citizenship ceremony or test.
  • Check the View the application submitted or account messages to identify the IRCC number.

Once you have spotted the number, you need to visit the website. Check if you are eligible to check your application status that is open to only a few individuals from this link.

If you are eligible, go to the link tagged here and then complete the below-mentioned process.

  • Add the identification type and then fill in the identification number.
  • Choose your surname or family name.
  • Add your birth date and birthplace.
  • Hit the continue button to find out more about your application.

How IRCC process application?

Every application will be processed by IRCC differently based on the type of application. In the below format, the citizenship application process is outlined. Most of the application processing will resemble this process with slight variations.

  • Once you apply, it needs to be reviewed to ensure its completion.
  • You must pay a fee for which you will receive an acknowledgment receipt.
  • You will be asked to take the citizenship test between 18 and 54 years of age.
  • After finding out if you meet the requirements, an interview will be scheduled with you.
  • You will be conveyed the decision taken. If you are approved, you must accept the citizenship oath.

How long does IRCC take to process application?

Online applications can be reviewed and processed within 99 days from the day the application is submitted.

How to update IRCC application?

If you have queries, fill the webform. Use the webform for all the changes you deem necessary. The mailing address can be changed by following the way mentioned here.

How to withdraw IRCC application?

Use the webform and add your name, unique client identifier (UCI), birth date and country of birth, application type, the date on which the online application was submitted, application, and payment receipt number.

Is IRCC still processing applications?

Yes, IRCC is still processing applications.


There are several IRCC segments; to know more, click on the IRCC website. Here in this article, we cover IRCC in a gist for helping the general understanding process around IRCC.

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