How to check TS MeeSeva application status with transaction id?

what is TS MeeSeva application?

TS MeeSeva application is launched and managed by the State IT infrastructures. Almost 300 government-related services are delivered through the Meeseva initiative.

Through an integrated 3288 delivery point, the services are delivered to almost 90 million citizens of Telangana. The government aims to target discriminatory practices through the enforcement of the TS Meeseva initiative.

How to check TS Meeseva application status with transaction id

How to check TS MeeSeva application status?

Through the portal link shared here, you can find out the MeeSeva application status. Once you have applied you can easily come back to the site to check its status using the application ID. The portal incorporates separate search windows for searching,

  • Different services, 
  • Meeseva certificate (via application number) and 
  • Your application status from the web portal.

Click on the ”Know your application status” tab to find out your status. Enter your application number and hit the search button.

meeseva application status

How to check ts meeseva application status with transaction id?

Visit the Meeseva application portal, from the given link

  • Now add your transaction ID in the search box under the search transaction segment.
  • Click on the Get details tab to draw your details.

An example is also present on the site specifying your application status appear in the search section.

Types of Application Services offered by TS Meeseva?

Different types of application services are offered by the TS Meeseva portal. Some of the application services offered are in the following fields.

  • Aarogyasri
  • Agriculture
  • CDMA
  • Civil and industrial application form
  • District, election, employment, and GHMC
  • Housing, Health, Industrial incentives, and labor
  • Mining, geological, and related forms
  • Police, revenue, and municipal forms
  • Social welfare and rural development-related forms

How to Apply for TS Meeseva application?  

TS Meeseva application forms can be obtained after registering with the portal.

  • Go to the login page of the TS Meeseva portal.
  • Now click on the new registration link tab.
  • Once you select new user registration, the registration form would open up.
  • Fill it up properly and then submit the application form.
  • Now from the User account, move to the application form section.
  • Find the form you wish to fill and then submit it once done.

Meeseva Caste Certificate Application Form PDF?

The Meeseva caste certificate application form is obtained once you login to the browser portal. 

  • If you want to download the application form you will have to right click on the name of the service. 
  • Now choose the tab which allows you to save the target as an option.


Meeseva application forms are safe to download. 

After the web portal got activated, most people prefer submitting online forms through it. Refer to this post for more information on what you can do with the portal.

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