How to BUY Telkom Airtime from MPesa, Airtel Money or Borrow it

Telkom is one of the widely used communication services in South Africa. Today, Telkom is active in over 38 countries in South Africa. It provides voice, video, play, and other broadband services. Therefore, customers can digitally interact with their friends, families, and business colleagues. Also, all the data tariff plans of Telkom are reasonable. 

There are numerous ways to pay for Telkom Airtime. We’ll decipher if customers can pay Telkom Airtime from M-Pesa.

Can you Buy Telkom Airtime from MPesa?

buy Telkom Airtime

M-Pesa is a digital banking and networking system that allows users to make virtual transactions. You can access M-Pesa via a SIM card and get all its facilities. Safaricom and Vodafone launched M-Pesa in 2007, and today, it’s one of the largest virtual banking providers in Kenya. 

The excellent news for Telkom and M-Pesa users is that they can pay their Telkom Airtime bills via M-Pesa. Telkom initiated this service to help users conveniently pay their bills. 

Some people have complained about M-Pesa showing errors when they pay their Telkom bills. You should read this article if you encounter similar problems. We will discuss the most suitable method to buy Telkom Airtime from M-Pesa.

Now, we’ll look at how you can buy Telkom Airtime from M-Pesa.

How to BUY Telkom Airtime from MPesa?

You would be glad to hear that Telkom Airtime allows you to pay its bills and buy data bundles via M-Pesa. 

Here is the step-by-step instruction on how you can buy Telkom Airtime via M-Pesa:

  • Open the M-Pesa app.
  • Now, search the M-Pesa menu and click on it.
  • Enter Pay Bill Alternative as Lipa na M-Pesa. 
  • Give the Telkom Paybill number, i.e., 777711.
  • You must enter your Telkom mobile number (your account).
  • Input the payable amount.
  • Finally, provide your M-Pesa pin
  • Click on Send.

Customers must wait for a few minutes till they receive payment confirmation followed by other confirmation details. Let’s glimpse at how you can buy Telkom Airtime using Airtel Money.

How to Buy Telkom Airtime using Airtel Money?

The transformation of the digital world enables users to buy everything online, e.g., Airtime. You can buy Telkom Airtime online and pay its bill conveniently from the comfort of your home. Now, Telkom allows you to purchase Airtime using Airtel Money. Let’s understand how.

Following are the steps for buying Telkom Airtime using Airtel Money:

  • Open the Airtel app.
  • Select the Airtel Money Menu in the app.
  • Click on Make Payments.
  • Tap on Pay Bill and click on Other.
  • You must enter PesaPal under the business name. 
  • Provide the payable amount number.
  • Input the Airtel Money PIN.
  • Enter TELLXXXXX inside the reference where XXXX denotes your mobile number linked to Telkom.

Follow these steps correctly and buy your Telkom Airtime with Airtel Money. Let’s understand how you can borrow Airtime from Telkom.

How to Borrow Airtime from Telkom?

Sometimes, we urgently need Airtime but do not have access to payment alternatives. No worries because Telkom provides you with Airtime for such cases. Telkom permits users to borrow Airtime from Telkom for emergency purposes. So, you would use Airtime and pay for it later. 

You borrow Airtime from Telkom by subscribing to PEWA. It comes as PEWA 20, PEWA 50, and PEWA 100. However, you must pay a 10% service fee every time you borrow Airtime.

Here are the ways to borrow Airtime from Telkom:

  • Dial *133# on your phone. 
  • Give the prompt, e.g., PEWA 100. You can request to borrow Airtime as an advance of up to 10%. 
  • You get Ksh 95 in your account when you order PEWA 100. 

Note: 10% of your requested amount deducts instantly, as PEWA demands a service fee. 

Similarly, you can request PEWA 20 and PEWA 50 as a borrow Airtime and will be charged a 10% service fee. 

Now, let’s learn how to buy data on Telkom using Airtime.

How to Buy data on Telkom using Airtime?

Telkom is the most trustworthy network service provider in South Africa. Also, it allows you to purchase data on Telkom using Airtime for your mobile number. The process is simple, and you can complete it within a few minutes.

The process of buying data on Telkom using Airtime:

  • First, purchase the Airtime Voucher. Press *188*Voucher card number#.
  • Hit the dial button in order to recharge your Telkom airtime.
  • Now dial *180* and proceed to select your preferable bundle package. 
  • Click on call dial. It completes your entire process.
  • Wait till you receive a text alert that says, ‘Data purchase transaction is successful.’

As a result, you bought the data on Telkom using Airtime. It recharges your number. You can even recharge someone else’s mobile number, which is active on Telkom, with a slight change in steps. 

Can you top up someone using Telkom?

You can top up someone using Telkom to buy Airtime or Bundles. 

Top up Airtime using Telkom

  • Launch the T-cash App on your device or dial *160#.
  • Click on Buy Airtime
  • Click on Buy My Phone. You can also select Other Phone.
  • Provide your Telkom Number
  • Input your Amount
  • Confirm your transaction.
  • Now, carefully input your T-cash PIN.
  • Wait for a few seconds to receive a confirmation SMS.

Top up Airtime using Bundles

  • Press *160#. Else, you can utilize the T-cash app.
  • Click on Buy Data.
  • Tap on Preferred Bundle
  • Click on Buy My Phone.
  • Input your Telkom Number
  • Give your T-Kash PIN.
  • Wait for the confirmation message from T-cash.

Now, let’s understand how you can reverse your Telkom Airtime to M-Pesa.

How to Reverse Telkom Airtime to MPesa?

Reverse your Telkom Airtime to M-Pesa if you paid the amount by mistake. Also, you must immediately contact the customer care agent to cancel the mistaken transaction. 

Steps to reverse Telkom Airtime to M-Pesa:

  • Instantly dial ‘020 222 1000‘ or ‘100‘ on your Telkom line from your phone.
  • Speak to a customer care agent to reverse your Telkom Airtime to M-Pesa.
  • Also, ensure that you don’t spend any amount credited to Telkom. Your amount will only be reversed if they find deductions in Airtime.

Note: You can use the number provided on Telkom’s social media platforms if you find the above contact numbers engaged.


Does Telkom Airtime expire?

Many Telkom Airtime operators need to implement expiry fees on your Airtime. However, it can vary if you buy Airtime from small operators. They can set a 90-day expiry date from the day of recharge.

Why does Telkom take my Airtime?

You can contact the customer care agent if Telkom consumes unnecessary Airtime. Press *133*1# and block the extra billing of your Airtime.


One of the largest telecommunication networks in South Africa, Telkom offers exciting bundle packages and offers. Also, Telkom provides several options to resolve your queries related to balance or packages. Therefore, many customers use Telkom for their daily communications. 

Each day Telkom introduces data packages and collaborates with payment applications to ease the Airtime bill payment. So, join Telkom and avail yourself of these convenient services, discounts, and offers.

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