How to be Scholar in Axie Infinity philippines? (A Quick Guide)

What is the Axie infinity scholarship in the Philippines?

Axie Infinity scholarship for the Philippines has evolved over some time. Several players and entrepreneurs have put together the Axie Infinity Scholarships. This allows them to take in more people for the game and also allows them to earn while playing games.

Owners would lend off their Axie under the scholarship to those who cannot build their terms. This provision is made for players till they can build their teams. The scholarship is usually managed using these few features.

  • 3-Axie team loans are to be given
  • Axie Infinity Education and SLP Farming is possible
  • Encouraging community building and support
  • Crypto education and its Axie Infinity applications.

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How to be a scholar in Axie infinity?

How to be Scholar in Axie Infinity philippines

To set up your scholar account in Axie infinity, you will have to make a scholar account.

  • You’ll have to set up your wallet

A Ronin wallet address would be required. If the scholarship program does not ask you for a Ronin wallet, then do not go for the program.

  • Begin playing the game

The app is called Mavis hub and you can log in using the email address and password.

As soon as you’re logged in, you can arrange your Axies from the bottom left corner, and then you must click on the sync Axie tab.

How does AXIE Infinity scholarship work?

Most players in the game have lots of Axie players. Since not all Axie are required to play a game and as selling out Axies is not a viable plan, most people prefer lending them out.

Here trainers can have a team to play and also share a lot from the winnings. Lenders usually also get a small amount as the management or lending fees.

The game is usually risk-free for trainers and here the Axie owners create their team, give you their login information and you are all set to play the game.

Once you have drawn in enough resources it is up to the owner of the program to cash it out. There is only one risk in it for trainers, and that comes in when the program owners don’t send you the share.

Thus, it is essential to use vetted programs that can be trusted. These are the scholarship programs, hence if ever someone does not give you access to any of the scholarship programs do not join it.

These programs are provisioned for people who do not have their teams.

Axie infinity scholarship program Details

Axie Infinity Scholarship program is being intended for new players who need to understand the new gaming economy. The scholarship program aims to teach people about the play-to-earn mechanism. It would show them a way to make money online and would also let them have fun through the game.

It offers these features with the Axie infinity scholarship program.

  • Complete scholarships
  • Split of payments are kept transparent
  • Two weekly payments are made
  • Quality of Axie is high
  • The program brings in opportunities for progression and personal development.

Axie infinity scholar tracker

 In the Axie Infinity scholar tracker, you will have a place to fill your player’s name, manager’s share, and scholar’s share.

You have to fill in all the details and the advantage of this tracker is that then you can calculate the total average, total SLP which is divided into total claimed and unclaimed SLP, and this can be broken down to the total manager and total scholar SLP using the tracker.

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