How to Check Airtime & Data Balance on Telkom or on Router?

Telkom is a prepaid airtime service allowing you to connect digitally with your friends, family, or professional associates. Your package depends on prepaid service. So, you recharge your Telkom in advance and get beneficial airtime services. 

Telkom offers exciting tariff plans ensuring users monitor their data and airtime usage. There is more to learn about Telkom Airtime’s balance and how to check it. So, let’s find out everything and see how you can find your Airtime balance on Telkom.

How to check Airtime Balance on Telkom?

Check Airtime Balance on Telkom

Is your airtime package active on Telkom, and how to check its balance? Well, you have come to the right place. We’ll discuss in brief how to check the Airtime balance on Telkom. 

Here are the steps that will assist you in checking Telkom’s airtime balance:

  1. Balance Check USSD: Press *188# on your mobile phone and hit ‘Send.’ Now, your balance will flash on the screen. Check and monitor your data usage.
  2. SMS balance check: Customers must send a blank message on 188. Wait for a few seconds to receive your Telkom balance on SMS.
  3. On Telkom Mobile App: Open your Android or Apple Store on your mobile and navigate to Telkom Mobile App. Now, install the app on your phone. Furthermore, enter your credentials and log in to the Telkom app. As a result, your balance will be visible on the application’s dashboard.
  4. Web Portal: This method allows you to check Telkom’s balance through a web portal. Open the My Telkom website and log in with your details. Tap on your account and check your balance.
  5. IVR Menu: Press 188 on your phone. Select the ‘voice menu‘ option. Now, provide your credentials and check your balance.

These are ways enabling you to check your Telkom Airtime balance. Try any method that seems convenient to you. Let’s understand how you can view your data balance on Telkom Mobile.

How to check the data balance on Telkom Mobile?

Telkom offers not only one but multiple ways to check data balance. Therefore, users can select any method and view their data balance. So, read further to learn these methods that allow you to check Telkom data balance.

  1. On My Telkom Website: Telkom introduces an interactive website for its users known as My Telkom. It allows customers to review their balance and other tariff plans. Additionally, you can view your Telkom data balance on My Telkom. Login to the website and ensure your internet connection is reliable. Review your data balance on the dashboard.
  2. On the ‘’ website: ‘’ is a South African website where users can supervise their data usage. Create your account on the website and log in with the correct details and password. You can view your data balance on this website.
  3. On My Telkom App: My Telkom is an intuitive platform created for users to track their data usage and balance. Log in to the app with your account and check your data balance. The app is readily downloadable from AppStore and PlayStore.

Note: Customers can send an SMS on 0123210215 with the ‘Password‘ to receive their lost password. 

Let’s decode how to check the Telkom data balance on the router.

How to check the Telkom data balance on the router?

Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to check the Telkom data balance on the router.

  • Connect your PC to the Telkom router Wi-Fi. 
  • Open the browser from your phone or PC once you connect with the router. Input 192. 168. 8. 1.
  • Click on Enter. Now, you will be redirected to the Telkom router’s login page. Enter your correct password. 
  • Click on ‘Tools‘ after you log in to the website.
  • Tap on USSD.
  • Enter *188# in the space and hit the ‘Send‘ button.
  • Now, the website will send you an SMS.
  • Tap on SMS in the left side menu.
  • Select ‘SMS Conversation.’
  • You will receive a response. Click on it because it contains your Telkom router data balance.


What number to dial for Telkom balance?

You can check your Telkom balance by dialing *188# on your phone. Also, you can dial *100# to view your balance.

Can you check Telkom Balance Online?

Customers can check their Telkom balance online via the My Telkom Website or My Telkom App. Create your account and log in to the platform.


Telkom provides excellent offers and deals to users at a very affordable cost. In addition, they create several ways for the users to check their data plans, balance, and usage. Telkom Airtime has various perks and discounts. Also, their Data Tariff plans are top-notch. 

So, connect with your friends, families, and colleagues with Telkom Airtime.

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