How to Send Airtime & Data on Telkom to Telkom (South Africa)

Telkom is South Africa’s leading communications and networking service provider that offers rewarding data bundles and packages. You get Airtime at a reasonable rate with several options. Therefore, many South Africans prefer Telkom over other networks.

Telkom’s Airtime recharge is quick and accessible from your phone. Similarly, you can send Airtime on Telkom to Telkom. We’ll discuss how you send Airtime and data from Telkom to Telkom.

How to SEND Airtime on Telkom to Telkom?

Send Airtime on Telkom to Telkom in South Africa

Telkom network takes the quote, “Sharing is Caring,” seriously. Thus, it allows you to send Airtime from Telkom to other Telkom. So, users recharge other Telkom networks from their credit.

Here are the steps of how you can send Airtime on Telkom to Telkom:

  • Begin with dialing *180# on your mobile phone, given that you are a Telkom user.
  • Consequently, a bunch of options will appear on the screen. You must select Transfer Airtime.
  • Now, carefully enter the Airtime amount you wish to send to other Telkom users. You get options to select from R10, R50, R20, etc. Pick any of the Airtime worth.
  • Provide other Telkom users’ mobile numbers to transfer Airtime.
  • Confirm that transfer.

As a result, your Telkom credit score will be deducted and transferred to another Telkom user’s account as an Airtime. Check the message that says, “Your Transaction Was Successful.” 

Now, we’ll understand how you can send data from Telkom to Telkom.

How to send DATA on Telkom to Telkom?

Sending data, also known as Data Bundle, ensures users access internet connectivity, surf, and play games. Now, you can also transfer data bundles from Telkom to Telkom. The feature is helpful for prepaid subscribers as they can conveniently share data with their friends.

Follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to send data on Telkom to Telkom:

  • Press *180# on your mobile phone.
  • Select ‘Send Data‘ from the menu.
  • Now, select the data package. For example, 500MB, 1GB, or 250MB. 
  • Provide another Telkom user’s contact number to whom you want to transfer data.
  • Hit Confirm to finish a transaction.

Now, you have successfully transferred a potion from your data to another Telkom user and become a data hero. Follow the steps and send data anytime you want. 

Let’s learn how you can send Vodacom Airtime to Telkom. 

How to SEND Vodacom Airtime to Telkom?

Vodacom is a network provider in Tanzania with many active users. Do you know that you can send Vodacom Airtime to Telkom users? Let’s learn how.

Step-by-step instructions on how to send Vodacom Airtime to Telkom:

  • Dial *135# on your mobile phone (only for Vodacom users).
  • Now, a list of services selection will pop up on the screen. Click on Services.
  • Tap on Next as it will proceed to another menu.
  • Click on Data Transfer from the menu.
  • Choose the ‘data bundle‘ you want to transfer to a Telkom user. For example, 500MB.
  • Also, select the data bundle amount.
  • Now, you must pick your recipient.
  • Finally, hit ‘Confirm’ to send data from Vodacom Airtime to Telkom. 

Vodacom hasn’t set any data transfer limit. So, you can send as much data as you want hassle-free. Now, we’ll look at our final topic of how you can send “please call me” on Telkom.

How to send “please call me” on Telkom?

Telkom has another sound feature, i.e., “Please Call Me,” that allows users to select a free SMS to anyone having a USSD code for a call request. The feature is advantageous in emergencies. 

Steps to send “please call me” on Telkom:

  • Enter Telkom’s call back number, i.e., USSD: “*140*receiversnumber#” Here you must provide the person’s number in place of the ‘receiver’s number’ whom you want to send; “please call me.”
  • Hit Send.
  • Type “Please call me” in the message. 
  • Again, press Send.

Now, the receiver will successfully receive your text message.


How much Airtime can I transfer on Telkom?

Telkom enables users to transfer 250MB to 1GB at a time. Customers must remember that the monthly data-sharing limit on Telkom is 5GB. 

Can you send Telkom Airtime to Vodacom?

You can easily send Telkom Airtime to Vodacom users using a USSD code. Also, you can send Telkom Airtime with a simple message to Vodacom users.


Telkom has made its services more accessible to its users. Also, people can share Telkom data bundles and Airtime conveniently with their friends and families using the same network. You can send emergency texts free of cost to other Telkom users. Therefore, you can rely on Telkom for efficient services and easy networking options.

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