Hamari Dharohar Yojana/scheme complete details

Under the Hamari Dharohar Yojana scheme, the rich art and literary contributions of the minority communities of India are preserved. This Hamari Dharohar Yojana scheme is built to not just preserve, but to improve and enhance these communities and their cultural contributions like organizing exhibitions, preserving literature and documents, and also providing for their benefits.

The development of minority heritage buildings is not yet undertaken and now this particular Hamari Dharohar Yojana scheme is merged with the Pradhan Mantri Virasat Ka Samvardhan scheme. With the help of this scheme, artisan communities will find more opportunities as they will be given ample scope to develop their skills, education and also their leadership and also to encourage entrepreneurship interventions through this particular scheme.

The schemes will support the preservation of their documents and also their rich research and heritage related documents.

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What kind of activities is being planned under the PMVIKAS plan?

Hamari Dharohar Yojana
  • Oral traditions, verbal, and other art forms, and sculptures would be preserved.
  • Encouragement will be given to the communities to organize heritage related workshops, seminars, fairs and different kinds of events to expand their contribution and their importance to the entire world.
  • Maintenance of museums and other such minority artworks and traditions together is being initiated.
  • Tradition preservation of different cultures will be promoted in the process.

Global and Indian organizations that will be a part of this scheme will be

  • INTACH (Indian National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage),
  • WMF (World Monument Fund),
  • ASI (Archeological Survey of India),
  • NAI (National Archives of India),
  • NGMA (National Gallery of Modern Arts),
  • IGNCA (Indira Gandhi National Centre of Arts), and
  • NM (National Museum).

How to participate in the PM VIKAS Yojana?

Follow the website or the newspapers for their ads on the same.

  • Any organization can open sponsor a candidate and once the proposal is made, the Ministry of Minority Affairs will screen the proposal.
  • Identification of the organization or the individual might be verified through Project Implementing Agencies and the offers gathered by PIA will be measured and appreciation will be given thereon.

Thus, anyone can be a part of the scheme if they are trying something that lines up with the protection and empowerment of the traditions and rights of minorities.

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