List of social welfare schemes in Karnataka [2024]

The Karnataka government has many schemes under its header currently but only a few well known ones will be mentioned in this current listicle.

Details of social welfare schemes Karnataka

social welfare scheme list karnataka
Scheme nameWhat is the scheme about
Karnataka Udyogini SchemeWomen will be given a loan of up to Rs. 300000. Application is available offline. 30% reservation is done for widows, disabled and distressed classes. 50% is available for the SC/ST women.
Karnataka Thayi Bhagya SchemeUnder this scheme, women are given Rs.3000 for their delivery in private hospitals and Rs.1500 for government hospital deliveries. It aims to BPL card categories including the ST/SC community.
Karnataka Madilu Kit SchemePregnant women can get a kit worth Rs. 15000 during pregnancy. BPL category and SC/ST women can get the kit.
Karnataka Prasoothi Araika SchemeWomen who have a BPL card can get the benefit. Rs. 3000 is given to lactating mothers from the ST/SC category and Rs. 2000 is given to the BPL category lactating mothers.
Karnataka Krushi Aranya Protsaha Yojane.The scheme is for farmers who will get the opportunity to get Rs. 35 for surviving seedlings in the first year, Rs. 40 in the second year, and Rs. 50 in the third year if the seedling survives.
Karnataka Self Employment Scheme.33% subsidy on the project costs or Rs. 100000 on the total project cost.
Karnataka Ganga Kalyana Scheme.Under this scheme free boring on farming land, free pumpsets, and free electrification of borewells will be facilitated.
Karnataka Bhagyalakshmi Scheme.It is a scheme under which financial help of Rs. 19,300 is given during the birth of a girl child, Rs. 1,00,097 when a girl attains 18  years, Rs. 18,350 for the second girl child and Rs. 1,00,052 when the second girl is 18 years old.
Karnataka Shrama Shakthi Loan Scheme.A loan of Rs. 50000 is to be given to those Karnataka residents in need at the interest rate of 4%.
Karnataka Prabhuddha Overseas Scholarship Scheme.Those who study abroad can get the following facilities. The full tuition fee will go from the government, free airfare, visa fees will be paid by the government, Rs. one lakh for books and other facilities, and Rs. 8 lakh or 75% of the medical insurance for ST/SC students.
Karnataka Schedule Caste Marriage Assistance Scheme.An amount of Rs.50000 is given to the bride.
Karnataka Inter Caste Couple Marriage Assistance Scheme.An amount of Rs. 3 lakh is given to a woman and Rs.2.5 lakh is given to a man in case of an intercaste marriage.
Karnataka SC Widow Re-Marrriage Assistance Scheme.SC widow remarriage can give them Rs. 300000 assistance.
Karnataka SC Intra Caste Marriage Assistance Scheme.Those who get the marriage get Rs. 2 lakh.
Karnataka Gruha Lakshmi Scheme.Rs. 2,000/- per month financial help
Karnataka Yuva Nidhi Scheme.Unemployed graduate youth can get upto Rs. 3000 and unemployed diploma holders can get Rs. 1500.
Karnataka Gruha Jyothi Scheme.Free of cost electricity facility, and beyond 200 units the homes will be charged.
Karnataka Anna Bhagya Scheme.For Rs. 5 per kg of rice, they would get it at Rs. 34 per kg.
Karnataka Uchita Prayana Scheme/ Karnataka Shakti Scheme.Free bus service and no ticket amounts required

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are there online provisions for the application process?

No, for every scheme you don’t have online help for your application process and you might have to do a manual submission.

Are only citizens of Karnataka allowed to take up this scheme?

Yes, only citizens of Karnataka can enjoy the schemes available in Karnataka.


If you want to know more about the social welfare schemes, you will have to ensure you read their details from their respective sites.

There are several initiatives taken by the government in every state including Karnataka and special emphasis is on the development of women’s power in the state. If you read carefully you will see how well the government aims to develop and empower the women residents of Karnataka by attempting to provide them with every help they need.

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