Pudhumai Penn Scheme Registration Process (Complete Guide)

The Moovalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar Higher Education Scheme or Pudhumai Penn scheme is in place to improve the rate of female student enrollment in government schools and also in higher education centers. Young women and girls can get financial help from the government if they belong to an economically disadvantaged community.  

According to the state estimate, this scheme will benefit almost six lakh pupils.

Who are eligible for Pudhumai Penn Scholarship?

Pudhumai Penn scheme

Those who wish to apply for the Pudhumai Penn scheme need to remember, they must fulfill the following conditions.

  1. Every applicant needs to be a woman to get the benefit of the scheme.
  2. They must be permanent residents of the state of Tamil Nadu.
  3. Applicants must be enrolled in any of the government schools available in their area.
  4. Those who enroll must be anywhere between their sixth through twelfth grade in the school.

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Documents required

What would you need to submit if you want to enroll in the Pudhumai Penn scheme?

  • You would need the Aadhar card or the voter identification card with you.
  • Residential evidence is also necessary.
  • Provide transfer attestation for the attached documents.
  • Parents or guardians mobile contact needs to be submitted.

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What are the benefits of Pudhumai Penn Scheme?

Women can benefit hugely from the Pudhumai Penn scheme’s and monetary assistance would include Rs.1000 for every female. Due to this scheme, the government expects to be able to assist to a lot of women in helping their upliftment. That way, the government would successfully discourage harmful practices like child marriage and other such evils existing in society.

  • During the inauguration of the program, almost 613 pupils have received a debit card.
  • A budget of 698 crores would be able to help almost 6 lakh women in the state.
  • From the first phase of this Pudhumai Penn scheme, almost 6500 Tiruchi district students would benefit and it would include all those who are in the scientific, engineering, or even art colleges.

How to apply Pudhumai Penn Scheme?

The Pudhumai Penn scheme first phase registrations happened last year upto 11 November 2022. This year, the enrollment starts on 5th September. Such registrations are happening only through definitive schools, institutions, and different schools and colleges. No student can do the registration alone. Earlier camps were organized and post that every school and college could do an online registration.

What the school designee needs to do is follow the below steps.

  • From the official website of the Pudhumai Penn scheme, they have to click on the college/institute tab.
  • Use the institution’s username and password to sign in. It means every institution will need to create a personal account with the site.
  • Next, complete the application form for each student and enter the detailed information requested for each pupil.

Submit the registration form and add the documents to each of the applications.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which girls will be given assisted in the state?

Only those whose families cannot afford their education and the money these women need to make their journey ahead.

When does the enrollment begin this year?

It began on 5th September this year and targets female children from 6th to 12th in different Tamil Nadu government schools.


Whenever a family faces financial constraints, the families stop women from making it to school. With the help of this program, female students can ensure they get the best education available around them.  Under this scheme, each student can get up to Rs.1000 every month. This amount of money will be given to them until they complete their undergraduate diploma, ITI, or any other degree that can provide them with further work.

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