Android 14 Beta 4.1 rolling out with many Pixel bug fixes

Android is rolling out Beta 4.1 for Android 14 users. You can expect to have several issues fixed with the beta program. The update is 44.35 MB in size and addresses several problems. The build for the Beta 4.1 is Build UPB4.230623.007. They target 31 fixes of which 11 are issues with Pixel fold and tablets.

Issues that would be targeted with it include;

  • UI junk
  • Screensaver and wallpaper-related problems
  • Home screen widgets over tapping
  • Fixes are also being rolled out for WiFi calling and Wifi scanning.

The update that is to take place will be an over-the-air update. It will be for the following pixels: 4a 5G, 5, 5a, 6, 6 Pro, 6a, 7, 7 Pro, 7a, Pixel Fold, and Pixel Tablet.

Due to platform stability, new features are not going to be rolled out for it. But with these few updates, you can expect some bug fixes and also will open it to the app developers to carry out some final tweaks in the systems.

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The massive release note focuses on some of the below-following issues;

1: When a user uses the back button, they were not able to launch the app again until they restarted the system.

2: Overscroll issue while using the scroll view is rectified.

3: Wi-Fi calling prevented from working in certain scenarios got fixed.

4: Failure to transfer an animatable icon to clients in certain cases is also fixed.

5: Those apps which use activity embedding led to flickering of the screen or when playing a video did so got fixed recently.

6: If an app was used in a split screen mode, and was closed by swiping the overview screen would cause the UI to crash. This issue has been fixed for the users.

7: Using different system theme color palettes displayed the lock screen display shortcuts inadequately is also rectified.

8: Battery share either fell short or was obstructed is also corrected.

9: If the network status icon does not display accurately while turning around the SIM card is fixed.

10: When unlocking the device Talkback would wrongly state device is locked still got fixed with this update.

Here’s more of the fixes

11: An issue where WiFi scanning continued even when the Settings app was exited led to increased power consumption got fixed.

12: Ultra HDR image display in Google Photos got fixed in the right way.

13: If the fingerprint sensor failed to unlock the device, it confused and that issue got resolved in the process.

Fix 14: White or black color display between the status bar and fuchsia color display instead of the real color for the ‘Add to Home screen’ tab got rectified.

15: The issue of the home screen where only the wallpaper was displayed but no apps were got refixed.

16: Pixel launcher crash, fixed system stability problems, and difficulty with moving an app icon from a folder got rectified.

17: The widget overlapping issue, clipping of the clock on the locked screen, or display of two clocks has also got rectified.

18: A blank wallpaper thumbnail for the live wallpaper option got addressed.

19: When folding or unfolding a device, tap to check phone stopped working and that was altered in this beta version.

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