Google’s new AI Medical Chatbot Debuts at Mayo Clinic

What would be the next best thing to have beside you when you are feeling sick? A doctor! Of course! But what if you are in a remote location and its nighttime when you can get no good doctors- those capable of treating your condition? Well, believe it or not, even when you reach up to such technological heights, you can still find crowded places on Earth without a good medical facility.

Would this new AI medical tool help you?

Which one? Intrigued!

Let’s dive in!

Presently Google is testing a new AI medical chatbot in collaboration with Mayo Clinic. Google as per reports is using Med-PaLM-2 chatbot with Mayo and the experiment is on since April.

What do you get when the testing phase of the chatbot is complete?

You can get a diagnosis given you can state the symptoms correctly.

Summarizing medical documents and also keeping patient data together, you get a lot from this chatbot.

In future, if Google hopes right, it could even intercept an X-ray flawlessly.

Does it mean for all this, you will no longer need to visit a doctor?

It is being trained by using questions and answers from the medical licensing exams.

What Google saw was that a person did as well in the exam as did a chatbot.

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Are or will people be worried about privacy related issues when it comes to opening up to a chat bot?

Google though opinionated it would keep every health related data encrypted and will use Med-PaLM-2 only in the local area.

Does that sound like you have someone next to a doctor always 24 hours around you? Least likely, but then things could change surely in the next few years for better.

The competition could expand as even Microsoft is testing a AI medical Chabot. they have teamed up with Epic, a health related company.

But Google confirmed they are also working on the ultrasonography diagnosis and cancer therapy areas in conjunction with the medical chatbot we already spoke about.

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Google has willfully admitted it could be a tremendously useful resource in countries which already have restricted number of doctors. Ideally, the whole plan is not to replace doctors but to expand the reach of healthcare manifold as per the verdicts received from senior officials of Google.

Keep reading more about the Google AI medical Chabot that surely comes up in the very near future of our existence.

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