How to Use and Earn Money From Planoly App 2024?

To date, you must have been worried about the fact that you could not manage your Instagram or Pinterest posts before posting them finally. You did not even get the opportunity to view your marketing campaigns and content management data. All the dilemma of users, who were hesitating to engage with Instagram till now, will now be solved with the planoly app company. 

In this article, I will tell you every thing about this latest planoly Earning App and I will also tell how can you earn money from it.

What is Planoly app?

Planoly earning App download

Planoly app allows users to visualize their content and manage the posts before they post it in Instagram or Pinterest. 

Planoly app apk details

In this section, you will learn about the most engaging features of planoly app.

  • You can pre-schedule any marketing plan beforehand (at least a month’s time)
  • An invaluable app that allows you to showcase the venue with a cohesive feed
  • An end-to-end management program that allows users to monitor the engagement rates and data for every post they upload
  • It comes with a drag and drop feature enabling users to see how their posts will look like after they upload it finally
  • Upload videos, photos, and gifs while populating them with hashtags
  • Schedule posts beforehand and receive push notification when it’s time to upload the content on your social media 

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How to download planoly Earning app?

Planoly is a handy application you should make space for in your device. To download the application, follow the tutorial:

  • First things first, click on the link given here –Registration Link 
  • Once you open it, you will have to enter your mobile number, enter a verification captcha (make sure you use small letters) and give a password.
  • Click on the button that reads ‘Register’ and this will start the downloading process

How to earn money through planoly Earning app?

Earn From Planoly App

Did you know, you could earn cash with the planoly app pricing? You can earn in two ways and both are mentioned in this section. Go through to know more.

First way:

  • Open app in your device
  • Tap on ‘member’ tab present in the middle of the home page
  • Choose the amount you want to pay and click on ‘Join Now’
  • Enter the amount, phone number, and name to continue
  • Pay through any payment app and the amount will be added to your planoly app account

Second way:

  • You can even earn a membership of level 1 by paying an amount of rupees 850 and earn rupees 2070 on a monthly basis

How to use planoly app?

After you have downloaded the planoly app and added some cash in the account, now it’s time to play games, manage your posts, do some tasks regularly, and earn a lot of cash. 

  • Go to the home page and click on ‘Member’ option and login
  • Click on the ‘Grab’ option
  • Tap on ‘Draw’ option
  • Copy the link and visit the Instagram page
  • Do any task- either post a content or like any post and then take a screenshot
  • Upload the screenshot on the photo icon and submit it
  • After the post is reviewed, your account will be credited with rupees 20

Planoly app review

The planoly app is completely safe to use. 

Planoly app customer care number

Click on the link given below, fill up the form and type your message in the text box. Submit the query and expect a reply instantly. 

contact us 


Planoly is the best application for content creators. The app store gives its users an opportunity to download the app in android, mac, pc, and windows platform. The app is completely free to use that comes with a free plan in addition to the membership plan. You can login to the planoly desktop app and enjoy the fully functioning desktop version as well. 

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