Omg burse App: Real or fake, reviews, news, Contact details

Smartphones are littered with opportunities. We often spend many hours looking for ways to make fast bucks. If you fall into the same category, you might have come across the name of ‘OMG burse app’ at some point of time. You or your friend are looking for legitimate ways to earn money online then you should read the article till the end to know the Latest and today’s news of omg burse.

We are not recommending the app but giving required information about it.

There are hundreds of apps that claim to give fast cash in no time, but not all are true!

The Internet is full of opportunities but full of scam as well.

OMG Burse App Details

OMG Burse is an online platform to earn money. It is also an order grabbing app. If you ever heard the name of Titi club app, OMG burse is of the same kind.

OMG burse is a trending app nowadays that allows you to make fake orders and earn every day.

It offers many lucrative plans to earn money quickly.

omg burse app download apk
App NameOmg Burse
Size18 MB
ReviewsNot Good
Customer Care NumberNot Available
Owner NameNot Known
Customer Care NumberNot Available

How to download OMG burse app apk Free?

  1. If you want to download the app’s latest or old version apk files for free then follow these simple steps.
  2. Open any web browser and visit to
  3. Now search the “omg burse” in the search box.
  4. If you want the app’s new version then tap directly on the download button.
  5. But if you want omg burse app’s old version then scroll a little and select the version you want to install.

That’s it.

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How to Register

  • After downloading, you have to register with your name.
  • Enter your mobile number, password and the referral code.
  • Click on Register.

Omg burse withdrawal in-process Solution

Recently, users are complaining that they are not able to withdraw their hard-earned money.

However, this type of problem occurred on 11th December too but it was later resolved.

The app team says “Due to the upgrading of banking technology, the withdrawal will be received on Wednesday. In order to compensate users, all recharges will be given a 30% bonus. Thank you for your support to OMG burse”. This is displayed on the top of the screen of the app.” This is good news for app users.

But you should wait until you can withdraw your money. Don’t invest a lot. After all, it is an app!

Omg Burse app safe or not?

After enough research, we found that it is not real. However, there are some payment proofs. Apps like this should not be trusted too much. You may have to deal with higher losses tomorrow than the profit earned today.

Here is why we are measuring it in the negative side:

  1. Many users are not able to withdraw their earnings.
  2. New authentic information found related to this app.
  3. The plans it offers are very lucrative.

Quick Tip: Companies like this vanish like smoke in the air. If you’re using this app then make sure to withdraw money on a daily basis.

Omg Burse Customer Care Number

As I said this app is not trusted, after a lot of research I found no info related to the company like its owner’s details, customer care number, email address or any other contact details


Many people tried hard to grab the details of the company or the owner but all in vain. If you are impressed by the payment proofs available online, you should be little alert as many businesses do it initially to gain trust.

Thanks for reading!

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