Weather Channel App for iPhone Android (Complete Details)

Now making decisions about planning trips to specific places is far easier with the weather channel app in 2021. It can give you accurate information about the weather and can update you about severe weather conditions even when you’re offline.

The weather app runs safely on any of the devices and provides you complete control access keeping you up to date with your regular weather conditions.

weather channel app iphone android windows

Install weather channel app Android & iPhone

Downloading the weather app on Android requires the completion of the following steps,


Step 1:- Click on your main menu and then browse through Settings and Security to check the box which when checked helps you download apps from third-party sources.

Step 2:- Once done, you can go to any of the third-party sources and then click on the download button of this Android app.

Step 3:- After clicking it, wait for the download to complete.

Step 4:- Once downloaded, click on the pop up to run the app and then let the app get installed on your device.

FOR iPhone

For downloading the weather channel app on iOS, follow the below procedure.

Step 1- Visit any regular third-party source like Softpedia and simply click on the download button.

Step 2- Next click open your iOS settings to trust the app.

Step 3- Once trusted the app would get installed in your system easily. U.S People love this Funny Weather App.

Install & Download Weather channel app on windows?

To download and install the weather app on windows, you’ll have to follow the below steps.

  • First, you will have to download an Android emulator in your Windows environment. Pay attention to the minimum system requirement of the apps.
  • From the Start Menu or desktop, open the emulator software on your PC.
  • Set up your account on the emulator with your Gmail account.
  • Now you can either download the Weather Channel app from the Google Play store or download the apk file from any of the third-party app stores.

How to delete locations/city on the weather channel app?

To delete the locations or already added cities from the weather app or Android, or iPhone, follow the below steps.

– From the app, click on the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

– The list of available options of cities appear.

– Swipe the city’s name to your left for iOS and hold the name of the city for Android for some time to delete it from the list.

What does the thermometer mean on the weather app [All Symbols]?

Weather channel app not working issues & solution?

To make the Google weather channel app work properly, you can either follow any of the four given solutions.

  1. Check your internet for slowness.
  2. Start the smartphone or your tablet once again.
  3. Server status needs to be checked as a third option.
  4. For Android phones, you might have to empty the cache.

How to add the weather channel app widget on the screen?

  • Long press the space anywhere on your home screen.
  • From the pop-up of apps and widgets click on widgets for deploying the weather app.
  • Now browse through all the widgets until you find the google weather app.
  • Tap on the arrow’s right upper corner of the widget.
  • Settings and preferences need to be expanded.
  • Now from the settings, long press on the widget, and once selected you can drag it to your home screen
  • As per your liking, drag it anywhere on the screen and it will show the temperature by default.

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