Free Best Funny Weather App For Android, iPhone [2024]

Best Funny Weather App:- Have you ever had a friend who is funny, yet blunt? If you had, you will know how it feels, but if you did not, you can have the same feel with a weather app.

Weather is indeed the most boring thing on this Earth. But not anymore with the Funny weather app! Weather forecasting just got better and funnier with the Funny Weather application.

What is funny weather app?

App NameFunny Weather
SizeVaries with device

Funny weather app is the latest application that allows users to learn about the weather in a funny way. The application is available on both the platforms, Android and Apple. If you are bored with the regular weather forecast apps and want to know the forecast, while also being insulted, the application is for you. 

Funny-Funny Weather App for androidWeather-App-for-android

With funny weather app you can wonder how offensive weather experience would feel like. The owners of the app meticulously designed the weather news with a tinge of sarcasm. This is a fantastic way that your weather app can give you mean weather forecasts while keeping you updated with latest weather news.

Moreover, the updated version has got you some sweet bug fixes and you will receive weather information from your favorite weather forecast robot. This will increase your stability and happiness.

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Funny Weather Features 

Turn your profanity on with thousands of weather quotes that are obnoxious as well as funny. Know the features before you download the weather application:

  • Dark sky provides the accurate weather information (think how funnier it will get)
  • You can add as many location as you want
  • Go for an easy switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Hourly or weekly weather forecast
  • Background changes color based on the temperature
  • Submit your own jokes and share the ones you get from the app with your friends

Download free funny weather app for android

A funny weather application that swears to give jokes deserves a download!

Download the coolest weather app in your Android device. Follow the instructions:

  • Open your device
  • Open Google Play Store
  • Type ‘Funny Weather app’ in the search section
  • You will get the app on top of a list of other apps
  • Click on it
  • Click on install to download the app 
  • Wait until it gets installed and start getting funny quotes with weather report

Download best funny weather app iPhone

Funny weather app swearing is not only for Android users but for Apple users as well. Follow the instructions to download app in your iPhone:

  • Open the device
  • Open Apple’s App Store
  • Search for the app by typing the name ‘Funny Weather app’
  • Once you find it, click on it to install
  • Start using the app once it is installed

Install Now


Users from all over the world are extremely happy with the funny weather forecast website. Some find the weather jokes funny and others find them sarcastic.

But for both, weather updates have become a lot more entertaining and enjoyable. Giggling the weather temperature with a free funny weather website gives you a snarky personality with good-to-go sarcastic comments. 

Start your day with a terrific sense of humor and profanity. 

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The weather app sounds great when you get to know the weather with amusing content. The weather app in Australia and Canada are receiving amazing popularity. Now it is your turn to download the app. So, do it now and enjoy.

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