What does the thermometer mean on Weather App?

What does the thermometer and snowflake mean on apple weather app? Did you think about it? If you are user of this app then you must have seen symbols on the app. what does the weather app symbols mean?

Most of the users don’t know about these icons and symbols. Don’t worry, In this article, I will let you know about all symbols.

apple weather app symbol meaning

If you want to know about all apple weather app symbols, then stick to this article to the end.

Some weather Symbols meaning can be judge by seeing icon but some of them are confusing so i have explained all weather symbols key. Most of the users want to know what does thermometer symbol mean on weather app?

What is Weather app?

It is one of the most useful app for iOS and android users. It is available for all mobile users. It shows accurate weather status and this app is totally free. You can check your current weather status in one click.

What are all the weather symbols

To show, about weather condition, this app shows weather signs or icons to indicate the current weather like clear, snow, rain etc. You must know weather signs meaning and if you don’t know, below i have shared all signs. Also, check out what does the little thermometer mean on the weather app?

What does the thermometer mean on the weather app?

what is frigid temps meaning

Many users are confused because of thermometer symbol in app. They want to know what does the thermostat with the snowflake mean?

Let me tell you, it is known as frigid temperature. Now, what is frigid temps? It indicates the very cold weather. So, whenever, you see this thermometer symbol, its meaning that there is cold outside. 

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Apple Weather App Symbols


sunrise icon

It shows that the sun is rising. Weather app shows this icon in the morning during sunrise.

Frigid Temps

Frigid Temps icon

Many people wants to know about this icon. Weather app shows this icon when there is very cold outside. Frigid Temps means very cold weather.


windy icon 1

This icon indicates the wind. It shows that weather is clear but its windy.


snow icon (1)

This icon indicates the snow. If you see this icon, in weather app, it means, that snowfall is happening outside.


Sunset icon

If you see this icon on the screen, it means sunset. Weather app also indicates about sunset.


cloudy icon

if you see this cloud icon on the screen, it means the weather is cloudy outside.

Scattered snow

Scattered snow icon

It’s scattered snow icon. It shows when snow fall with wind. It’s called scattered snow.


clear weather icon

If you see this clear icon, it means the weather is clear outside.


Thunderstorms icon

If thunderstorms is happening outside. You will see this icon on the screen. So that, you can avoid going outside.

Heavy Snow

Heavy Snow icon

This icon indicates heavy snowfall. If your weather app indicating you this signal then you can avoid going outside because it is going to be heavy snowfall outside.

Partly Cloud

Partly Cloud icon

It cloud and sun icon indicates the partly cloud weather.


weather showers icon

It’s a shower icon, you will see this in weather app when slow rain is happening like showers.

Blowing snow

Blowing snow icon

It’s a blowing snow indicator. It shows in weather app, when there is fast wind and snowfall outside.


weather dust icon

Some times, weather is dusty. At that time, app shows this icon on the screen.

Heavy showers

Heavy showers icon

When there is heavy showers outside, your weather app will show you this icon.


haze icon

It is a Haze icon. It is the weather condition in which smoke or dust particulates obscure the clarity of the sky.


Drizze icon

It is a drizze icon. This app shows this icon when small droplets of water (Smaller than 0.5mm diameter) falls from the sky.


Smoke icon

You will see this icon on screen, when there is smoky weather. It could be becasue of forest fire, burning coal etc. Sometimes, we can also see smoky weather in winter days.

Hail/Mixed Rain

Hail_Mixed Rain icon

This indicator will be shown when rain and snow fall at the same time.


Fog icon

In winter seasons, you will this icon in your app. It’s a fog icon


Tornado icon

It’s a tornado indicator. This app, also indicates about Tornado to it’s users. When, you see this icon on the screen. You can save yourself from Tornado by staying at home.

This is all about Apple Weather App symbols meaning. I hope you liked it.

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