How to BUY and SEND bitcoins on cash app?

How to buy and send bitcoins on cash app?

Buying and selling bitcoins (BTC) can be done by using the following ways.

  1. Process of buying bitcoins from Cash app;
  2. Click on the Rising curve tab or the investing tab from the bottom screen of the app.
  3. From the buying stocks and bitcoin option, select anyone.
  4. To check your bitcoin holdings click on the bitcoin option at the top.
  5. Tap on the buy option and also add the bitcoin amount you wish to purchase. If you want to choose a custom amount, click on the three dots and choose any of the amounts from the given options.
  6. Press the next tab after adding the amount.
  7. Click on the confirm tab after verifying every detail from the app screen.
  8. If you wish to send bitcoins (BTC) to someone, this is the process you must follow.
  9. Click on the Banking tab from the Cash app home screen.
  10. Choose the Bitcoin option and then click on the Withdraw Bitcoin option.
  11. Either enter a wallet address manually or scan a QR code.
  12. Add confirmation with your PIN or Touch ID.
  13. At least a sum of 0.001 bitcoins must be available for withdrawing or sending bitcoins.

How do I send bitcoin on cash app for the first time?

bitcoin on cash app

To send bitcoins for the first time, one must go through a verification process. Follow the below process to do so;

  • Click on the Bitcoin tab from your Home Screen and then press the Enable withdrawals and deposit option.
  • Cash app will require details like email, the reason and details for using bitcoins. You will also need to inform users regarding their employment and income.
  • Additionally, you must submit a national ID like a driver’s license or a government-issued state ID.
  • Add a photograph of your face, and once done, the app will start the verification process.
  • The process might take 48 hours to complete, and once verification is in progress, the same message appears on your screen.
  • Once the verification process is complete, you will receive a mail regarding the status of your verification process.

Can you send bitcoin instantly from Cash App?

Yes, you can instantly send bitcoins from the Cash app to any other wallet, broker or exchange without facing any delay. Post-approval by the Cash app for the bitcoin transaction, you need two minutes to initiate the transactions.

Is Cash app good way to buy Bitcoin?

Cash app is a good way to buy bitcoins since the Cash app charges some of the lowest transaction fees available in the market.


Here’s how you can buy and sell bitcoins through the Cash app. If you plan to send or buy bitcoins, you can browse through this post anytime to learn more about it.

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