Wawa Credit Card Login & Pay Bill Payment Online [2024]

Credit cards are a rescue operator in today’s world. Credits save people from unwarranted scenarios. There are several kinds of credit cards. Master cards and Visa cards primarily rule the world and people resort to more than one credit card often.

However, there are some credit cards which are in store credit cards and work as closed loop cards.

In this article today we would discuss one such credit card known as the Wawa credit card.

What is Wawa credit card?

The Wawa credit card is one of the best in store credit cards and work for gas and in-store purchases at various locations within Wawa.

Apart from the Wawa credit card, they also offer the Wawa Fleet Card and the Wawa Universal Card.

Regular APR27.99%
Balance Transfer/Purchase APRNA
Rewards50 cents per gallon of gas for first 100 gallons.
Annual Fee$0
Credit score640
Starting Credit Limit$200 or more

Using the credit card can bring you the benefits as stated here;

You can pay at the pump
Managing account can be done online
Fuel purchase tracking can be done separately
Unauthorized charges are zero
Payment can be made full or a minimum amount

How to activate Wawa Credit card account?

The credit card registration process is to be done as and when you receive it.

You can start using the credit card post registering it but you might want to know more about the verification process before knowing the registration process.

  • From your profile settings, choose the verification code tab available under the My Account section.
  • Choose the process in which you wish to obtain the verification code.
  • After choosing the method, complete the set up to start using the verification code.

Whenever you login through a device they don’t know about, they might ask you to tell them the verification code.

For registration process, use this link here and then fill in your card number by copying the number from the card.

If you don’t have the credit card, you will need to

  • Fill in your name as it appears on the credit card,
  • Primary cardholder’s social security number and
  • Phone number
  • Next choose how you’d like to receive a message. You can do it by asking for a text message or a phone call option.
  • Click to agree with the T&C and then press the send code option.
  • When you do so, a code will come which you need to fill in to register your credit card with them.

How to login into Wawa credit card account?

To login to your Wawa credit card account, here are the simplest of steps you will have to follow;


Add your user ID and password and then click on the sign on tab. Once the signing in process gets over, you can go ahead and sign in.

How to Pay Wawa Credit card bill online & offline?

The online ways of paying using the Wawa credit card are…

Wawa Official Partnered website.

To pay your wawa card bill online you should prefer this method. Through this you can easily manage your account.

Step 1- Use the link that is given in the “How to activate the wawa card” section of this article.

Step 2- Now Sign on with the details you have. If you have not registered yet then follow the guide given abive.

Step 3- Next, after signing in, click on Pay Bill option given in your account dashboard.

Step 4- Now Select the payment method and then confirm the details to pay your bill.

Step 5- After following all the above steps you can easily pay your bills online and can manage your card easily.

Using Doxo by using credit card or debit card

Step 1- Visit Doxo’s official webpage i.e. www.doxo.com/info/wawa-credit-card

Step 2- Now Enter the Amount and click on Pay Bill Button given there.

Step 3- Now enter your email address, Billing account number, name and other details asked there.

Step 4- After that click on the “Next” button given there.

Step 5- Fill in the asked details and then select the payment method to pay your bill.

Step 6- Enter the essential details and the click on the “Pay” button given there. That’s it.

By using Apple Pay

To pay via apple pay open your apple pay app. Locate the ‘Pay Bill’ option given there. Enter your card details and then enter the amount. After entering all the details correctly, click on “Pay” button. That’s it. You can also pay via a credit or debit card or even via a bank account. To know these methods comments below.

You can pay bills at gas stations using cash amounts directly.

Payment Mailing Address

You can send your check at the Wawa payment mailing address which are given below.

Wawa® Credit Card Payments
P.O. Box 9001101
Louisville, KY 40290-1101

Wawa® Credit Card
Overnight Delivery/Express Payments
6716 Grade Lane
Building 9, Suite 910
Louisville, KY 40213

Customer Service Number/Contact Details

Customer service number for queries regarding the Wawa credit card would be 1-800-251-6781 or you could also use 711 or other relay services for the same.

Contact No.1-855-207-9816
Mon to Fri – 7:00 am to 7:00 pm ET
Sat – 9:00 am to 7:30 pm ET
Sunday – 11:00 am to 7:30 pm ET
For Technical Assistance you can call them at1-855-416-1988
For Canada and Puerto Rico, use this number.1-423-477-6612

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Wawa credit card interest rate?

The credit card interest rate is determined on the basis of the regular APR fixed at 28.74%.

What can you use the Wawa credit card for?

Being a closed loop card, you can use it only in the Wawa pumps and in their stores or outlets.

Other than that, the credit card cannot be used anywhere else.


Here is what you will need to consider when opting for the Wawa credit card. Most people do not get any benefit out of the Wawa Credit card after they finish the 100 gallon mark as the percentage profit reduces to 5 cents per gallon post it.

But, you must remember that any card which brings profit today might also bring separate kinds of profit tomorrow, thus, keeping the credit card will bring no harm. Also you must note that the annual fee or any other sort of fee on the credit card is zero which means having it with you will not cost you anything.

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