Latest Warhammer 40k app Update on Android, iOS & PC [2024]

Some gamers are great enthusiasts of the miniature wargame. It is a mediaeval fantasy game, and back in 1983, the game was created by Bryan Ansell, Richard Halliwell, and Rick Priestley. Players can use minifigures that represent warriors. You can also create trees, hills, buildings, and other different features to assist your game. The game has gotten a new upgrade and has an app now, which was released yesterday, that is, June 21. Read more about the Warhammer 40K app here.

What is Warhammer 40k app?

The Warhammer 40k app will function in alignment with the army planner recently introduced by the company that goes by the name of Battle Forge. This app will be capable of generating fresh sheets and will work on data sheets that will change every day.

You will be able to create an army in three sizes: an invasion of 1000 points, a strike force of 2000 points, and an onslaught of 3000 points, respectively.

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Whatever incorrectness you bring out, Battle Forge will be able to point them out. Incorrect loadouts and even unnecessary choices will get pointed out. Before you move ahead with a competition, you can download the lists and even share them with your friends in the game or with others.

Is the Warhammer 40k app worth it?

Yes, the app is absolutely worth it.

  • The Warhammer 40,000 is capable of offering a data sheet that works as a valuable reference tool.
  • When you launch it for the first time, you can find all the essential index datasheets and also combat launch related information. In the next lot, you can also add the imperial armour units. Each of these armour units will have a clear demarcation, and you will be able to recognise them easily.
  • Every time a codex is released; you will be able to add the unique code that is in the book to the app. In this way, you can search for the new detachment rules from the very beginning.
  • After you start using the codex, you will be able to combine the codex rules, key terms, army rules, enhancement options, and stratagems with it.

Now, even after all this, you need to focus on the mission, which can be found in the core or crusade rules or even the chapter-approved Leviathan deck.

Warhammer 40k app update

The Warhammer 40K is the brand new edition and the tenth one. In this version, they have overridden their own game rules. They have done so to make the game simpler. They also plan to reduce the number of rule books players now need to play the game.

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  • The core rules are all in the app, but they have the same rulebook layout.
  • They have no glossary segment, so to remember the rules of the game, you have to refer to the core rules every time.
  • All the non-core rules are also here, and each time you want to refer to something, you will have to go through the entire list.
  • With their current search feature, you won’t be able to extract exactly what you need but instead will be presented with another huge list of options.
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  • The creation of the army is easier, and you will have to start every time by going through a list of armies.
  • The war process is quite intuitive. If you choose anything wrongly, you will get an indication that you have used the wrong options.
  • The app lacks a clear cut option provider and leaves you to create your list using just the trial-and-error process.
  • Many units and datacards don’t have photos of models, or they randomly use some generic images.

How to install Warhammer 40k app on Android, iOS & PC?

To install the Warhammer 40k app, you need to visit the Google Play Store. The game app is available there, and you will need to click on the Install tab to get the app.

For iOS installation, try it from the Apple app store by clicking on the Get button.

If you wish to get the app on PC, you will need to download an emulator, and then you must download the app from the Google Play Store within the emulator’s environment.

App Reviews

The app has a 3.6 rating on Google Playstore. Gamers who play Warhammer have already downloaded the app and are using it to the fullest.

People who have gone ahead and rated the app find it to be a solid one. Even though many have commented about the huge price, the operation and functioning of the app are definitely one of the most loved.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Warhammer 40K for adults?

Most games are almost always played by children. But even adults like the game as it involves a lot of strategy and also works around using the forces and strengths of one’s army and also the weaknesses of your opponent to make it worth it for yourself.

What is the age limit for Warhammer?

Usually, children aged 12 or older can play the Warhammer game, and there is no upper age limit for playing the game.


Knowing more about the Warhammer app and the game is essential, and each of the new additions can make your life better if you are hooked on playing the game. Most gamers are almost always trying to collect information so that they can play the Warhammer game more effectively.

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