How to Use What three words App Location? (What3words)

It is an app that can assign a unique address to all the locations worldwide and the app makers believe it is more accurate than postal addresses.

Since it’s creation the app has gained popularity with tourists, globetrotters and even within everyday people. To top it all the Mongolian postal department has mandated the app as part of their postal services.

The app allocates three words to every location like the front door of the 10 Downing Street is called ‘rarely. spun. skips.’

how to use what3words app location

How to Install what3words app on Android & iOS?

What3words mobile app can be easily downloaded from Google Playstore and Apple appstore.

All you have to do is, search for the app in these app stores (Android and iPhone) by typing the name of the app in the search bar. Next, you can easily download it by clicking on the download tab.

How to USE What three words app?

To use the app for finding an address you have to take the following steps.

  • Enter a street name into the search bar
  • Switch to satellite mode until you see the grid.
  • Click to check the address.
  • Click on the icon above the satellite mode to get the current location.
  • For getting a direction, enter the what3word format of the address, choose the accurate result and then click on navigate using your preferred navigation tool
  • You can also share a what3word address, add a photo to an address and save an address easily.

How do I find a what3words Location?

Usually, the app is famous for assigning a 3-letter word to every location of the world. Ideally, the whole world is divided into 57 trillion squares and each of these squares has 3-letter words assigned to them.

The makers believe these words are more memorable than even the postal or mailing addresses.

The app will use your phone’s GPS to give you a 3-letter word for your destination or your current location.

Additionally, when in distress it connects you to emergency services whereby when you send a link using the app, they can download it and use the location to reach you.

What3words app Price/COST?

What3words mobile app is free of cost to use generally and it draws its money from heavy API users primarily. Ideally, they earn by selling geocodes which they claim are more accurate than any other geocode selling platforms. What3words app in Canada is slowly growing where many people are using this app for their businesses now.

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