Venmo Credit Card Reviews [2024] -Venmo Credit Card Benefits

Venmo credit card reviews

Venmo credit card is a peer-to-peer payment platform that issues a debit card and credit card unanimously to every user older than a month with Venmo. The Venmo credit card offers greater flexibility and independence to its shoppers. Splitting bills between friends is more manageable when using a Venmo credit card. The credit card operates like an ordinary card, and when using the credit card online, it can help save more than ordinary cards.

venmo credit card reviews

Earning and redeeming rewards with a Venmo credit card is flexible and efficient. If fetching rewards from credit card use is your intention, then this card is for you.

After comparing and reviewing its cash back benefits, the general taxes on credit cards, and other opportunities provided to the card users, we can give a 4.3 to 4.5 rating to the use of Venmo credit card. 

Venmo credit card benefits

Venmo credit card offers many extra benefits to its customers, starting from cashback benefits to other transaction offers.

  • Cash back rewards are offered for transportation, travel, grocery, entertainment, and other different essential segments.
  • No annual fee is required for maintaining the credit card.
  • Credit cards are accepted worldwide in more than 200 countries across the globe. 
  • The credit card has a virtual card facility that can be availed of easily.
  • Splitting credit with friends can be done comfortably.
  • Earning rewards and setting up recurring payments with the card is easy.

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Is Venmo credit card worth it?

The Venmo credit card offers more cashback and rewards compared to other credit cards. Therefore, users seeking such worthy benefits are fond of using this credit card. The card also does not have any other charges and can be used without paying an annual fee. It makes life easy and convenient for those using credit card services. Therefore, a Venmo credit card is worth having in one’s life.

Venmo credit card customer service

Venmo credit card customer service is provided by Synchrony bank. Call the number present at the back of your card, and the credit card customer care number works 24 x 7.

Venmo PROS and CONS


  1. The credit card has no annual fee.
  2. The Venmo credit card syncs with the Venmo app and thus can be used for paying the Venmo balance.
  3. The reward structures adjust automatically with your expenditures.


  1. The credit card offers no welcome bonus.
  2. Capping of bonus rewards is done at $10,000 after the first year.


The Venmo credit card never has a lower or upper capping limit, but reward giving is capped at $10,000. In that way, it seems like the person must mandatorily spend $10,000 to avail of the annual cashback of $300.

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