How to transfer Venmo to cash app? Transfer Money from Venmo

For initiating instant money sending from Venmo app to Cash app, you must read the below steps. Once you know the steps, you can easily do money transfers between these two P2P platforms.

Cash app often can be your intermediary bank once you have linked it to the bank account. There are two ways to initiate transfers from Venmo to Cash app.

How to transfer Venmo to the cash app?

How to transfer Venmo to cash app

Process One: Direct deposit process for the Cash app account

  • Search for your routing and account number from your Cash app card.
  • From your Venmo settings, choose the Payment Method section.
  • From bank or card option, select the Bank tab.
  • Add the verification method you prefer.
  • Once the verification process is complete and your Cash app account is linked, you can initiate the fund transfer through the direct deposit process. Simply transfer funds from the Venmo balance to your Cash app account.

Process Two: Add the same bank account to Venmo and Cash app

  • Add a bank account and transfer funds to it.
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer and then choose between the transfer processes- either Standard or Instant.
  • Choose between a bank or debit card and then initiate the transfer by pressing the transfer button.
  • Next, move to the Cash app, and then press the Add cash tab.
  • Add the amount you wish to transfer and then tap the add button.
  • You can either confirm by entering your secret PIN or Touch ID.

How to transfer money from Venmo to cash app without bank account?

If you add the Cash app routing number and account number in Venmo, the Cash app will function as a bank for Venmo.

Initiating direct transfer between the Cash app and Venmo is entirely possible if you activate the direct transfer process.

Simply follow the first process to transfer between the Cash app and Venmo without a bank account.

is there a way to transfer venmo to cash app?

Yes, transfer of cash from Venmo to Cash application is possible. You just need to follow the above given STEPS.


Sending money from Venmo to Cash app is also possible as both facilitate the direct transfer arrangement. Cash app can be used as a bank for transfers.

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