How to Transfer or Add Money to Venmo app from Cash App?

The only prerequisite for transferring money from the Cash app to Venmo is an account on both platforms. Money transfers cannot be done unless an individual has accounts in both the Cash app and Venmo. Cash app and Venmo are P2P (peer-to-peer) platforms wherein cash transfer is easy and safe. Cash transfer is easy and significantly less time-consuming between Cash app and Venmo.

To send money to an individual who has Venmo account and your Venmo account does not have much cash, you need money. If the Cash app account has money, then transfer it to Venmo to make the payment.

How to add money to Venmo from the cash app?

Add Money to Venmo app from Cash App

To add money to Venmo instantly from the Cash app, follow these few steps.

  • Click on the Menu tab of your Venmo app.
  • Visit your Settings option, and then move to your payment methods option.
  • Click on the Add Bank or Card tab, and from there, click on the Card option.
  • Now, add your Cash card details into the provided space.
  • Once the Cash app card is linked to your account, you can now go back to Venmo to make the transfer.
  • Visit the Manage balance tab and click on the Transfer tab to initiate your Venmo balance. Add the transfer amount to the space provided.
  • Click to choose between the instant or standard transfer processes. 
  • Finally, click on the Transfer tab to make the money transfer.

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How to transfer money from cash app to Venmo without bank account?

When you use the above method, it does not need a bank account. Simply use the above process to transfer money from your Cash app to Venmo. Cash app and Venmo both have e-wallets where the money can be stored before transacting to any other platform. Transfer of funds from the Cash app to Venmo is a bank-free transfer involving two e-wallets in the transfer process.

Can I send money from cash app to Venmo?

Yes, you can definitely send money to Venmo from the Cash app if you follow the steps mentioned above.


Money transfer between Venmo and Cash app is a vice versa process with slightly different techniques of money sending between the two platforms. Through this write-up, you can understand the way money must be transferred from the Cash app to Venmo.

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