Venmo debit card withdrawal & Transfer limit – Reload/deposit limit

What is venmo debit card limit?

The Venmo debit card limit applies to different types of transactions. Venmo imposes weekly, monthly and even daily limits on users towards purchase and withdrawal limits.

Venmo debit card restrictions

Venmo debit Card Withdrawal Transfer Limit

Several debit card restrictions are observed with the Venmo card.

  • Every new user is entitled to a $299.99 per week transfer.
  • Verified users can have a weekly spending limit of $6999.99.
  • Increasing the daily and weekly limit is possible only through verification of the Venmo debit card.
  • Venmo reload is limited to $500 that is reset every week.
  • Credit card payments are also subject to a 3% deduction, and instant transfers account for 1% deductions.
  • Authorized merchant payments are limited to $2999.99 for every transaction and $6999.99 every week. 
  • The MasterCard can be used up to $2999.99 per day and $6999.99 per week.

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Venmo debit card withdrawal limit

Daily users can withdraw up to $400 per day, including withdrawals at ATMs and counters.

Venmo debit card transfer limit

Transfer limits between people are capped at $4999.99 every week as well as per transaction.

Venmo debit card reload limit

If reloads are functional for your account, each time you run out of funds while making payments, your account will receive an automatic transfer from your debit card or bank. Increments of $10 are added to your account and reload limits are up to $100.

If your Venmo balance is zero, and you have bought something worth $65, your account would be reloaded with $70. Once your payments are made, you will still have $5 in your Venmo balance.

Venmo debit card deposit limit

Unless you have confirmed your identity, the amount you can deposit in your bank through your Venmo debit card is restricted to $999.99 each week. 

Once your identity is confirmed with Venmo, your deposit limits would be increased to $19999.99 per week. At a time, you can deposit $2999.99 into your account from your Venmo debit card.

Venmo debit card age limit

According to the Venmo app, users must be strictly 18 years of age for using a Venmo debit card.

Venmo debit card ATM limit

The Venmo withdrawal limit is $400 per day. If you have debited the amount through some other means, your ATM debit limit would be nil for the day.

If you have debited $200 during the day from your account, you still can withdraw $200 from the ATM.


Here’s all about Venmo debit card restrictions, and all you need to do is go through the article to understand better how Venmo restrictions work.

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