Topicboy App/website Details

Topicboy app or website is one of the platforms to look into various apps. The site is a proper website and provides Pakistanis with a place where anyone searching around insurance, earning apps, food recipes, and android apps can know a lot.

It is a home for any essential information about these topics. No one would need to go separately to the official sites to find out more about different information. There are some non-tech-savvy people who would not even know what or how to grade what they search for. In such cases, being in a single platform and finding all the information and details will be utterly important.

Thus, the makers of the website are trying to create one such go-to place for Pakistanis.

Categories of topicboy

Topicboy has the following categories to crawl and search;

  • Insurance
  • Earning app
  • Food recipes
  • Ehsaas program
  • Android apps

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Explain Categories

This is what you can find under the categories.

  • Insurance: Under thiscategory,you can findmore information on different insurances available within the country for their awaam.
  • Earning apps: In this category, you can find the name of those apps using which you can earn money. These could either be survey app names or job app names.
  • Food recipes: For foodies and food lovers, they have a separate segment where you can find the most popular food recipes.
  • Android apps: Those apps that work best can be found here for Android devices.
  • Learn more about the Ehsaas program which is there to mitigate poverty and inequality.

What topics Topicboy website shares?

They cover various topics on insurance, earning apps, food recipes and also more about different types of available Android apps. If you want to find more about the topics they cover, you will need to get to the website and find out more about each topic.

How to download Topicboy app?

You can download the Topicboy app from any of third party appstores. What you need to do is visit these appstores, find the app by its name and then click on the download tab.

Once the app is downloaded you will need to install it and run it in your system. After it runs, and the installation is complete, you can start using the app.

Some sites will allow downloads only when you confirm by downloading or following instructions.

If you have an Android app, you will need to give permission for Google to help you download apps from unknown sources from the settings.

Is this website safe?

Yes, the website is absolutely safe to use and people don’t find any kind of issues while using it. If you want to find out anything around these topics, you can start by visiting their site first. Only if you are satisfied with the information, details and sources can you move on towards downloading the app from the third party appstores.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you get Topicboy app for both Android and iOS?

Yes, you have an app for both iOS and Android for Topicboy.

Is there a way to contact the site?

Yes, you can contact the site by their Instagram profile or from Facebook and YouTube.


Here is all about the all new way of dispersing information through the topicboy app/website. Find all the latest news in terms of insurance, food and other essentials here. You can also chat on the site using the small chat button.

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