How to login to Cash App without Phone Number? [2024-Guide]

Login to Cash App without phone number

There are two methods to access Cash app without phone number:

login to Cash App

Method 1- With the help of Email. To login the cash app via your email consider the method below:

Step 1- Launch the Cash app.

Step 2- Enter the email ID linked with your Cash app account.

Step 3- Wait for the confirmation code. Check your inbox, you will receive the confirmation code via email.

Step 4- After verifying with the help of a confirmation code, hit login.

Method 2- For any reason, if you are not able to sign in with the help of email try this alternative method:

Step 1-  On th login page, tap on the customer support option.

Step 2- Next, tap on something else.

Step 3- Now, choose the can’t access account option.

Step 4- tap on the Contact support option.

Step 5- Post that, you will get a recovery email. This will allow you to log back into your cash app account.

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How to recover Cash App without phone number?

If you wish to recover your account in the Cash app without a phone number follow these steps:

Step 1- Tap on the profile icon.

Step 2- Now tap on the sign-out option.

Step 3- After signing out tap on sign in.

Step 4- You will be redirected to a login page where you will be asked to enter either your registered email address or your mobile phone number. Choose to enter your email address for this.

Step 5- Enter the credentials.

Step 6- Once done, you would receive a confirmation code on your email address.

Step 7- Enter the confirmation code to proceed.

Step 8- Now hit log in, and that’s all!

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How to log into Cash App with a new number?

If you want to sign in cash account with new phone number, do follow the procedure below:

Step 1- Tap on the profile icon available on your Cash app.

Step 2- Tap on the Sign out button to log out of your account.

Step 3- Now you will be logged out of the app. Now, tap on the login button to proceed.

Step 4- You’ll be redirected to the login page.

Step 5- Now you will be asked to enter the registered mobile number. You need to enter the new mobile number you wish to log in from.

Step 6- After getting a confirmation code, enter it and verify your identity using a security pin or biometrics.

Kudos, you are now successfully logged into the cash app with your new registered number.

How to change my phone number on Cash App?

If you wish to change your phone number or add a new number to the Cash app follow the steps given below:

Step 1- Tap on the profile icon on your cash app.

Step 2- Now select the personal option.

Step 3- Then, tap on the phone number.

Step 4- Tap on the edit phone number or add a phone number option according to your preference.

Step 5- Enter the phone number which you want to update.

Step 6- Now tap OK, and you’re done!

How to unlink phone number from Cash App?

If you want to remove a registered mobile number from the cash app then follow the steps given below:

Step 1- Tap on the profile icon.

Step 2- Then tap on the personal option.

Step 3- You will see the option to unlink both email and phone numbers.

Step 4- Tap on the phone number to unlink it.

How to sign in cash app with the phone number?

If you want to sign in to the cash app using your mobile phone number follow the steps listed below:

Step 1- Launch the cash app.

Step 2- You will be asked to choose either an Email address or Phone number to sign in.

Step 3- Opt for the phone number option. 

Step 4- Fill in the phone number from which you wish to sign in.

Step 5- You will receive a confirmation code via a text message.

Step 6- Enter the confirmation code.

Step 7- Verify your identity using a security pin or biometrics.

Step 8- Now hit login and you are logged into your Cash app account.


Can I log in my Cash App on another phone?

Yes, your cash app can be associated with multiple devices or with multiple email addresses, and even with multiple phone numbers.

Why can't I login my Cash App on another device?

Due to security reasons, Cash App doesn’t allow you to log in to your Cash App on two devices at once. The reason you’re unable to log in on another device as you’re already logged in to your current device.

To log in successfully on any other device, you need to be first logged out from your current device. Once done, you will face no issues in logging in to your Cash App account on any other device.

Can you make a cash app without a phone number?

Yes, you can make a cash app account even without your phone number. Cash app offers users two easy ways to create an account, either by using a phone number or by email address. 

So in case, you don’t want to sign up using a phone number,  you can do that. All you need to do is choose the email address option (instead of entering your phone number) and sign up to your Cash app account through your email address.

Does cash app work without cell service?

Cash App works fine if you’re on Wifi. However, Cash App might not work on public shared networks due to security reasons. If you’re on your personal or home Wifi, your Cash App will work just fine. 

To sum it up, Cash App can work without cell service if you’re on Wifi. Just make sure you’re not on a public network and we recommend you to access your Cash App account only using the home or personal wifi to keep your account safe.

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