AI: Listening to Keystrokes to Steal Passwords

AI is power and can be put to bad as well as good use. A recent report generates that AI is being used to listen to passwords and to decode many things that are locked behind a password.

But would you want to find out more about it?

Here is the entire news for you.

How AI can steal your passwords

It is a hacking method that will soon be used by scientists. Almost 90% time, AI will be able to guess the right password since it is trained to listen to your keystroke sounds.

The cyber attack can be done easily by listening to your keystrokes. How? By listening and analyzing the sound you make when you strike a key, Ai can easily guess your keystroke.

As per the peer-reviewed yet-to-be-published research article, posted in a preprint in arXiv, the scientists showed how it is done. Researchers like Joshua Harrison, used a smartphone already integrated with a microphone and listened to the MacBook Pro keystrokes he made. At the University of the UK, he could reproduce 95% of the keystrokes which AI could understand very well. In this model, he had set AI at 93% accuracy.

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For Skype in another experiment, an accuracy of 92% was set. According to the model, unique patterns can be recognized on the keyboard and that would include identifying the sounds, the intensity of the sound, and timing placed between each of the keystrokes.

Researchers have helped AI recognize the tapping of keys by doing the following;

  1. They pressed 36 individual keys 25 times each.
  2. Using the iPhone 13 mini, they kept it 17 cm away to record the audio of the keystroke in their first test.

Using microphones, AI and video calls the keyboard would have the greatest threat and will enable to steal your passwords.

Also, scientists have found out that there are different variations in which the keyboard must be trained. It will provide added references to comprehend which characters each of these keystrokes would correspond to.

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Also, they consciously feel people can mitigate such attacks if they can change the way they type. It will mean that whenever next, you are typing your passwords; you have to be very aware lest someone is hearing them out from the other end. Thanks to the fact that hackers have yet not aced hearing our thoughts well (on a lighter note). Else passwords would stop having any significance.

As it has now been seen that ChatGPT is capable of using half words to correctly gauge the right word, if someone is using a full word, it might be at risk of exposure.  Also when touch typing, the keystroke recognition accuracy of keystrokes reduced from 64% to 40%. Using random keywords which use different cases at unknown intervals could also help prevent such keyword hacks. 

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