How to Use & Setup Merkury smart Wifi Camera app?

Security cameras are not foolproof solutions these days. Most of the security camera options that provide good and decent services are pricey. Features are smart and provide good video storage. Find out more about the Merkury security camera option capable of turning heads.

What is the Merkury smart Wifi camera app?

Merkury smart Wifi camera app is a surprise as the app has decent features at a very decent price range. With it, you can find a camera that can fit into all your household ecosystem needs. The camera does not have cloud storage. The Merkury smart Wifi camera comes at a price range that costs less than $40.

It has good mobile app control, comes with a flexible stand, and supports many voice assistants. Merkury Smart Wifi Camera app is a smart home device variety and it does not have a micro SD card, cloud storage, or 5G WiFi network option. It might encounter occasional Wi-Fi connection issues.

How to Use Merkury smart Wifi camera app?

To use the WiFi camera app, you must use the following features.

  • Once you have the camera with you, look for the USB cable and power adapter.
  • Next, download the Merkury camera smart app from Google Playstore and Apple appstore.
  • Now, connect all the parts- the camera, USB cable, and power adapter.
  • With the help of the app connect your camera to the WiFi network.
  • After adjusting the settings, connect it to the voice assistant and also incorporate a memory card as per requirement.
  • Add the Merkury smart Wifi camera app to your mobile device.

How to install it on Android & iOS?

To get the Merkury smart WiFi camera app, visit the Google Playstore for Android phones.

Go to the Apple appstore to get the iOS app.

Register an account with them using a designated email ID and password.

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How do I connect my Merkury smart Wifi camera?

You should adjust your phone’s settings to 2.4 GHz for the setup process.

  • Next, connect your Wifi to the camera.
  • Plugin the camera with a charger and connect it to a power supply.
  • Once the WiFi setup is complete, your phone app will show you the camera-recorded images.

Is Merkury’s smart Wifi camera app Safe?

There is no external contact with the app, thus, you will have no problem with the safety of the Merkury smart Wifi app. The inbuilt team measures the safety of the app and since they can download the app from the Google Playstore and Apple appstore, no two individuals can connect using the app. That way the app serves well. 

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Here is what you must know about the app before you venture into making it your own. It can meet your requirements well if what the app provides you is what you want. Understand more about the app before taking up the camera. Also, you must know what you want otherwise it might not serve your purposes well. Check for the app’s pros to see if it serves you well.

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