How long can you leave money in your Venmo account?

Venmo is a peer to peer free charge payment app that is compatible with android phones or iPhones. This payment service is free of cost. Many people use Venmo today to pay and receive money online without trouble.

There are some other services associated with Venmo that impose the fee. Like, if your payments pass through your credit card instead of a user Venmo account or linked bank account, it will incur a fee of 3%. There are additional fees if you want to transfer the money instantly from your Venmo account to your bank account, for depositing a check, etc.

This is how the leading payment app, Venmo, works. The fact here is that is Venmo safe to use? Is it secure to leave your funds in a Venmo account? If you are a Venmo user or going to use it, but are worried about these questions, then you should read the article till it ends to get a clear understanding. 

How long can you keep money in Venmo account?

money in Venmo account

There is no limit to leaving your money for any specific time.  But people are never suggested to keep their money in a Venmo account for many reasons. Here are the reasons why people suggested not keeping their funds in a Venmo account

  •  No interest applicable to your balance on Venmo

You will earn interest over time when you store your money in a savings banking account. But Venmo does not work like this. Even if you store a large amount of money in your Venmo account, there is also no way to earn interest.

So, if you keep the money in your venmo account, in order to earn interest on it, then venmo will not work, as you want.

  •  High chance of hacking on Venmo

On Venmo, there is a high chance of hacks when the services go down. Hackers steal your personal information and all your money sitting in your Venmo account. There is risk associated with your funds that you keep in your Venmo account.

So, if you want to keep your information and money safe, you should not leave your money in a Venmo account.

  •  Transfers through Venmo are slow.

When you transfer the money via the Venmo app, then it will take too much time because it will go under review. So, if you want to transfer money to someone quickly or pay your bills instantly, you need something else than Venmo.

The transfers through the Venmo app take 3-4 business days and more than that. So, keeping your money in a Venmo account is never suggested. 

How much money can you keep in your Venmo Account?

If you opt for the identity verification system on Venmo, it will raise the Venmo bank account limit to $19,999.99 per week. The maximum limit to make transactions to any bank account is $2,999.99. On the other hand, the minimum limit allowed for transactions on Venmo under instant bank transfers is $0.26.

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Is it safe to leave money in Venmo?

No, your money is unsafe in a Venmo account because Venmo balances are not insured by FDIC ( federal deposit insurance corp). If your bank is going under, the amount of $250,000 is insured by your bank. But in the case of Venmo, there is no guarantee that your money is insured.

It means if any problem occurs and services are down on the Venmo app, then Venmo does not give you a guarantee to ensure all your funds exist in your Venmo account. So, avoiding leaving money in your Venmo account will be smarter.

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Does Venmo take money out of your bank account immediately?

No, when you get the money from your known ones or friends, then the money is sitting in your Venmo account. To transfer this money to your bank account, you must initiate the transfer to send the funds to your bank account.

You are able to send money to your Venmo account via bank account, but only possible by instant method. For this, open the Venmo app, move to the ” me” tab, and then click on the add or transfer option showing under your profile picture.

Then click on the instant. Keep in mind that the transfer is made after a period of time on Venmo. This process takes time as it goes under review. Sometimes the transfer is delayed, or your funds are frozen under review.


To ensure the safety of your funds, you should not keep your large amount of funds in your Venmo account. Even Venmo allows you to keep your money in it as long as you want. But still, people are only suggested to keep their funds in Venmo accounts for a short time because of security threats.


Can Venmo keep your money?

Yes, Venmo can keep your money as long as you want. It is based on whether you have to store your funds in Venmo or not. As a simple rule, there are no restrictions imposed on the time for which you keep your money in Venmo.

Does Venmo hold funds like paypal?

Venmo also holds user funds, like PayPal, to create secure environments for sellers and buyers. On Venmo, your hold payments are applied automatically to the eligible payments. These holds are automated, and no one can stop them from happening on Venmo.

Can you leave money in Venmo?

According to the general rule, you should keep your money in your Venmo account because the funds stored in your Venmo account are easy to access by others who try to pay all your funds into their account. So to ensure safety, never keep your money in Venmo.

Why shouldn't you leave money in Venmo?

You should keep your money in Venmo because it is not insured. When the services on Venmo are down, there is the risk of setting your funds in other accounts. So to minimize the risk arising in the future, you have to store your funds in Venmo account. 

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