How to unlock my Venmo Debit Card (Complete Steps)?

You do not need to worry if your Venmo card is not working or locked. This guide will tell you the simple solution to unlock your account. Here we will give you information on the problem that arises with your Venmo card, which is locked, and then tell you how to unlock your Venmo card accordingly.

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How do I unlock my Venmo debit card?

If you are facing a problem with your Venmo debit card like if it does not work at the ATM, it means it is locked. What to do, then? Here are some things you should try.

  • First, you should check whether your ATM is going out of order. If the existing ATM is not working, then try the new ATM.
  • If it still needs to be fixed, ensure that your Venmo card is activated and has enough funds.
  • If you think that your Venmo card is locked by authority due to security reasons, then you have to contact the Venmo support team to help you unlock your account.

How to unlock your Venmo card, if it locked due to the insufficient funds

If your Venmo card is locked due to insufficient funds, then you have to follow the below-given steps to unlock your Venmo card

  • Go to Venmo add funds and sign in to your Venmo account
  • Pop up window appears in front of you; choose the bank from where you like to transfer the funds
  • Enter the money amount you want to transfer into your Venmo card
  • The transfer money has come into your Venmo account within 3-4 business days.
  • When the authority finds your account has enough funds, they can unlock your Venmo card automatically. 

To unlock your Venmo card, ensure that your card is activated

If your Venmo card needs to be activated, you should go to the app card page or call the number on the back of your card. You can unlock your Venmo card by activating your card through the Venmo app. Here is how it is

  •  Move to set, and then go toward the payments methods
  • Choose ” Add the card” and fill in the information required in the given field to complete this process and unlock your Venmo card.

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How to unlock your Venmo card on the app?

If authorities unlock your card, you can easily unlock it in-app. Here is how it is

  • Open the Venmo application.
  • Go to account settings, click on the security and privacy option
  • Then tap on unlock the card.
  • Enter the PIN code of your card, and then click on unlock card


If you are used to Venmo, and your Venmo card is locked by authority, then do not panic. It is completely about your and your fund’s security. You can easily follow the above steps to unlock your Venmo card. 


Why is my Venmo card locked?

There are many reasons why your Venmo card is locked. The first and most common reason your Venmo card is locked is that you need more funds in your bank account.

Can I still use Venmo if my card is locked?

When your card is disabled, the Venmo authorization will be blocked on the physical card. You can still use your card online and make purchases only within the Venmo app. Remember that the pending transactions disabled by authority may still be complete.

How long does it take for Venmo to unlock your account?

Usually, if you follow the steps properly, the unlocking card process will take 2 to 3 business days. After that, you can use your Venmo card without any limitations.

Why is my Venmo card locked?

Your Venmo card is locked because authorities found that somebody is using your card without any prior knowledge. So to prevent fraudulent activities or to keep your funds safe, they locked your Venmo card.

What do you do if you get locked out of Venmo?

If you want to get locked out of Venmo, you have to reset the password of your Venmo account. You have to click on forget my password and enter the new password to get locked out of Venmo.

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