How to Use and Download Locanto App in Android, iOS [2024]

Locanto App allows you to earn money from things that you do not longer need. You can even get a new apartment or your dream house with the Locanto app. Locanto is a shopping app that is completely free to use where you can put up your classified ads without paying any extra cost. With this application, you can buy and sell several items and even properties that are near you.

locanto app

Locanto application also gives you enough liabilities to promote your business online. Just like the other secondhand applications or shopping stores, this application asks for your location (the only necessary criteria). This is specifically done to know your area of interest and get knowledge about the category of your ads.

Features of Locanto for Android users

Classified ads are pretty costly when you want to five your ads in newspapers or even on websites. Whereas showcasing your ads on Locanto makes things cheaper rather completely free of costs as in this application, you are not required to showcase the things you want to sell physically. You can simply drop a text and send them images of the things you want to sell and notify them. Yes, it is that easy. 

You can receive the notifications for what other people are willing to sell through the marketplace feature of Locanto application. Also, you can set up push notifications to get notified. You are also given the facility to have a live chat with someone and ask questions regarding your problems. 

Promote your business online on social media.

Features of Locanto for iPhone users

  • Promote your business online
  • Have a hassle-free shopping experience
  • You are required to turn on your location to allow Locanto to buy and sell
  • You will only require a second  to post your ad online
  • Your own profile is just a tap away

How to download Locanto App?

You can download Locanto application in your Android and iOS devices and even on your PC. In order to start with, click on the given link below. At the very moment the page opens, click on the ‘Download’ button, and this will start the process of downloading this application.

Direct Install

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