How to use and download Missing Voters app (Quick Guide 2024)?

What is Missing Voters app? If you want to find out whether your name is on the list, you must visit your nearest electoral office which is mostly in the block office of the campus.

As visiting these offices and then going through the long list of names is a tiresome process, most people leave the idea behind.

The 38-year-old Khalid Saifullah, founder of Hyderabad- based Raylabs founded the Missing Voters app. In the last elections, it became easier for people to vote when they could find a handy app to check the information easily.


Missing Voters app

Salient features for the Missing Voters app are;

  1. The app is easy to use and extremely user-friendly.
  2. With the help of the Missing Voters app, you will be able to register your name in the voter list.
  3. The app has every street name, constituency details, households in a particular street, and also the number of members in each household for you to view.
  4. You can also keep track of your registration progress using the Missing Voters app.

How to use missing voters app?

Once you have downloaded the Missing Voters app, you will need to create an account for yourself.

  • Provide your street, taluk, and other details, and the app will search for the number of voters available in your home.
  • When you find the number of people available in your home, you will be able to check if all of them above 18 years are enrolled in the voter list. Those who are not enrolled in the voter list can add their names by filling in and submitting simple details through the app. To enroll your name, you must provide the details about the individuals.

How to download missing voters app?

Visit the Google Playstore for Android devices and the Apple appstore for iOS devices. Search for the Missing Voters app and click on the Get or Install button. After the installation is complete, you can create an account on the site and start using the app for your needs.


With the help of the app, it’s just an hour’s work to enter the voters names and that too from home without going anywhere. Also, the use of the Missing Voters app is absolutely free.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the Missing Voters app for every state of India?

Every state and district is covered by the Missing Voters app and you can be anywhere in the country to use the Missing Voters app.

How can people vote in India?

Their name needs to be there on the voters list and only then people will be able to cast their votes in the country.

What happens if people don’t vote in India?

There are lakhs of voters in every state who miss voting and when they miss voting the right leader might not get chosen.


When a child turns 18 or when a man dies the ECI needs to be intimated through the entry and removal of such names. But when people fail to incorporate their names or the designated government officials do not have their names on the electoral list individuals miss the chance to vote. With such apps, individuals might benefit and their names might easily be reflected in the voter list next time.

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