MeeBhoomi Adangal Ap App 2024: How to USE & Install?

What is app?

Now is the age of digitization, and everything is being converted to a digital format, including the land details. If you have a patch of land for yourself, you will now need no paper documents as you will have access to your digital copy going forward. Property owners can now also download their Meebhoomi passbooks, also called ownership certificates.

All this can be done in a single click, and the Meebhoomi certificate can be downloaded in both English and Telugu.

Learn more about the Meebhoomi app below.


Here are some essential features of the Meebhoomi app you will need to keep in mind.

  • Crop related details on your land can be easily known from the app.
  • View and generate the village landlord’s list.
  • Through the app, you can link your Aadhar card with the land ownership details.
  • Get the Meebhoomi passbook statistics and the land conversion details from the app easily.
  • Collect the adangal records and 1B adangal related details from the app.
  • By using the app, you can find out the water source, soil type, area, assessment, and type of land possession details.
  • Know the survey range details from here and also know the names of the pattas from it.


Here are the advantages of having the Meebhoomi app;

  • You can search for Andhra Pradesh land-related documents online.
  • If you want, you can easily view the Meebhoomi passbook whenever you want, go through the Meebhoomi Field Management Book, and also look into the village maps through the portal.
  • Anyone residing and owning land in Andhra Pradesh can use the Meebhoomi AP and passbook.
  • Land record maintenance and encumbrance certificates can be obtained easily from the Meebhoomi app.
  • Look into the status or progress of any request that you raise using the Meebhoomi app, and through messages, you can find the details.
  • Lodging complaints in the Meebhoomi app is also easy with the proper use of the portal.

How to Install & download The MeeBhoomi Adangal Ap?

Here’s how you can download the Meebhoomi app from the site.

  1. Visit the online page of Meebhoomi at this link.
  2. Trace the adangal or village you are trying to reach as two options appear on the screen: your adangal and your village. Choose the option you wish to download for yourself.
  3. Once your download is complete, you will need to add your account number, survey, and Aadhar details. Alongside, add your district name, village name, and Mandal. Choose the appropriate details, and then include your document number.
  4. After you complete the captcha, click on the submit button.
  5. A pop-up will appear that will notify the Meebhoomi Adangal details and then look for the land details online for Andhra Pradesh from the given list.

How to use app?

To know how to use the app, you will have to understand what you can do with it. Here’s the list of details you will need to understand to know what you can do with the app.

  • Search for the survey number, patta names, AP 1B land records, and Adangal names.
  • Find the pattadar passbook and also continue Aadhar card linking with your land records using the Meebhoomi app.
  • Find out the crops that grow on such lands.
  • Search through the village landlord list to find the AP FMS and other details.
  • Even if there is an ongoing court dispute, you can search for it using this app.

Each of these processes can be completed by going through a series of steps. After completing the steps, you can always achieve your desired results.

App Reviews

The reviews collected for the app are found to be amazing, and each of the steps has been overtly recognized as useful by the landowners of Andhra Pradesh. You can also find out if most of the processes that earlier required office visits were completed through the app.

The app has an easy-to-use interface, and even people with limited knowledge can use it for their purposes easily. Thus, the app has collected several positive reviews, given that it has reduced the burden on people immensely. Nothing requires an office visit, and all of the difficult processes can be completed right from the confines of the app itself.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to apply for 1-B records online through the Meebhoomi app?

To apply for the 1-B records online, you will need to follow the below steps;

  • Visit the Meebhoomi portal and then login to your home page.
  • Choose the citizen option, and then choose the new registration tab.
  • When you get the new user registration link, press it to proceed further.
  • Create a new profile by adding a password, listing down the questions and answers, and also choosing personal information, and then submit the details.
  • Now send an OTP and also confirm your Meebhoomi registration.
  • Choose ROR-1B, add the required columns, and then submit the documents.
  • Click on the submit tab, and the site will send the request for verification to your village tehsildar.

What are the documents necessary for the Meebhoomi app?

Here are the documents you will need to add for your Meebhoomi app;

  • Include your identity proof.
  • Your property documents must be added.
  • Add your Aadhar card information.
  • Incorporate your ration card details.

What is the fee for 1-B right records in Andhra Pradesh?

You have to pay Rs.35 for registering the record’s rights in Andhra Pradesh.


Here is what you must understand about the app portal: Every detail about the app must be explored before you start using it. This is serving as an essential tool, as the people of Andhra Pradesh are finding it extremely helpful. Find out more about the Meebhoomi app in this article to start the understanding process.

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