Meta’s Messenger App Drops SMS Support for a More Focused Future

Meta has made some huge progresses in recent times and some of these progresses are well thought out steps to better the future of the company. One of these changes revolves around Facebook messenger no longer providing the SMS support.

When would users be able to read the changes?

The Meta’s Messenger changes will show up after 28th September. If people want to message, the app will direct people to their phone’s default SMS app. Android users will have t now on use their default SMS app as Facebook announces its messenger’s closure.

If you are using Meta’s messenger app, you will need to switch by following the below steps.

  1. Go to the Settings tab of your phone.
  2. Move to the Apps segment from there.
  3. Select your default apps from it.
  4. Next, click on the SMS app option.

SMS support was first introduced by Meta in 2012 and it was dropped by them in 2013. The change was announced by them on Monday. Again in 2016, the company again gave a statement around the standalone SMS messages. Now, they have said that the history of different messages received on Meta’s messenger can still be viewed from the new default messaging app of their phone.

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Why Meta decided to stop the Messenger app is still not known well. Even Signal made a move last year and that was done to secure their platform and to ensure messaging fees don’t go sky high for users.

If we are to analyze the reason why they might be discontinuing Whatsapp might rest in the reason that they are making Whatsapp better. Messenger does not also have RCS (Rich Communication Service) access. It is also good news for platforms like Samsung and Google right now.

Google, if you see is favoring RCS for their SMS and MMS services. If they are going to make it happen worldwide as they are right now moving forward with, there is a chance that third party SMS apps might decline terribly in the market.

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But those who use Messenger might want to know what next they can use if they want to switch to RCS right now.

Following are the options they can use instead of Messenger.

  1. Google Messages
  2. Pulse
  3. Textra

You can do group video calls, voice calls, text messaging using the iOS messenger app still and you don’t have to fall out for it. It is only for Android users. Find out more about everything that you want to go about with before you have to exit Messenger.

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