Bald Charm: Shah Rukh Khan Shines in ‘Jawan Prevue’ – A Review

Jawan is going to woo Shahrukh Khan Fans whatsoever. So determined is Shahrukh about the role that he is confident his new baldy look will surely strike a deal with his fans. He is nonetheless right. It sure has found a place in his fan’s hearts.

The hero mode is where the film will begin when it hits the theatres. But then the film will also portray his makeover into a villain role. The alteration of a hero to become a villain is something people cannot deny applauding. It is a very close real-life scenario that he will be able to portray in his new film and that surely will turn heads.

What kind of a villain does he make of himself? A bald one for sure! Surrounded by henchwomen looking dangerous to the core within a metro station, the film matches his cold, fearsome appearance.

All you can do in the movie is catch Shahrukh Khan with glimpses of different actors appearing at different times. Undoubtedly, the screen floods with Shahrukh Khan while Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, and of course, the most stunning Deepika Padukone in a cameo appearance appear before the audience in separate scenes. Jawan also features Sanya Malhotra, Priyamani, and Riddhi Dogra.

The trailer shared by Shahrukh Khan begins with him saying that the film will show who he is and who he is not and you must be ready to know with the film.

Jawan is to be premiered worldwide on 7th September 2023 in three languages- Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Fans waiting for Shahrukh Khan movies’ have hugely applauded the film’s trailer. If you wish to find out more about it, you must wait until the film’s release with bated breath. Last month, fans asked a few questions to Shahrukh Khan to which he replied about the project, Jawan, and also pointed out some interesting facts fans can catch up with through the movie.

The beauty of the movie is in it Shahrukh fans will get to see him in different attires and appearances as well as roles. Of the many looks that Atlee directs, the most preferable one is the bald look which takes over everyone on screen.

The meme world has portrayed the appearance hilariously and the look has been declared meme-worthy over time.

The final moments of the Jawan Prevue Review trailer surely left audiences spellbound where he is seen removing his bandages at a metro station post which he hops into the train with his seemingly proud enough look.

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