How to use Indian oil partners app (Complete Guide)?

The apps have redefined our life and if you want to find the best use of them and wish to make your life easy, you must read about them before you start using them. Even companies like Indian Oil are trying to make it easy for their users. Find out more about the Indian oil partners app from this article.

What is Indian oil partners app?

If anyone is involved with Indian Oil which means if they are your partners, you will need to use this app. It can make your life easy and also provide you with ample facilities for which until now you’d either be calling them or finding more arduous ways of doing it. It is now made extremely easy for drivers who would rather have some time off for themselves as now everything can be ordered via their phones. Even the management of the truck can get in touch with the truck or view its status using the Indian Oil Partners app.


  • It is an easy-to-use app and is something that everyone can learn using.
  • A completely free app, the Indian Oil Partners app is absolutely free to use.
  • There is an account requirement and you will need to create an account with your necessary credentials.

How to use Indian oil partners app?

Download the Indian Oil Partners app and then create an account with the app. When you create an account within the app, you will need to insert your username, password and identity details. Identity details are in terms of your relationship with the company so you can use your driver’s details or your distributor’s identity in the app.

How to download Indian oil partners app?

You can find it in Google Playstore and all you need to do is visit the store and find out more about the app you want to have.


With the help of the app, you can have tracking benefits majorly. If you want to track an Indian oil truck, you can do it using this app.

Further, the app can help you with the following;

If it is the driver’s app, you can get these benefits.

  1. Reporting, Monthly RTD, rating, information details, tracking, blocking, and also informing about shortage is something truck drivers can do with the help of the app.
  2. With the distributors, they get to track, report shortages, block, fill bill details, and also help search for post office details. It gives way to monthly RTD, payments and also acknowledgments and other such essential factors.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do Indian Oil partners have an app?

Yes, Indian oil partners can now have an app for themselves.

Is it maintained by Indian oil?

Yes, the Indian Oil Partners app is maintained by the Indian Oil company and they own the app and also its maintenance.


Here is everything you need to know about the Indian oil partners’ app. If you want to understand better, refer to this article for more details on the app.

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