How to write a good essay? Importance of conclusion in academic writing

In the process of learning in schools and universities, students perform many works that allow them to develop creative skills and learn how to express their opinions on certain issues and problems. Teachers evaluate the results of the work and identify weakly learned material for further study.

One of the most frequent assignments performed by pupils and students is essay writing. The essay is not inferior in popularity, even though this genre appeared relatively recently. The text allows not only to express the author’s opinion and thoughts but also helps the teacher to determine the depth of immersion in a topic or situation.

All students should take their studies seriously. But not everyone has enough writing skills. For example, a research paper is a tough assignment for students. So many of them often wonder who can write my research paper for me if I can’t do it well. So if you need help contact experienced writers. They will write you a great paper.

In the main body, you can use clichés such as:

First, second, third; for example; I agree with the author; unfortunately, I do not quite agree with the author’s point of view; illustrate this judgment with an example; on the one hand, on the other hand.

After reading the main body, the reader should have his or her own opinion about the problem at hand; he or she should either accept or reject the author’s point of view.

Tips to help you in writing your essay:

  • Choose a historical period that you know well and in detail;
  • First, write an outline and highlight the main theses, then get to work;
  • Divide the text into paragraphs by meaning;
  • Write briefly and clearly, more statements to the point;
  • Use terms you know well.

How to conclude an essay?

How to write a good essay

Very often students are faced with an assignment such as writing an essay. As a rule, the main text is written quickly, as this genre involves a small volume, and the main issues are raised in the conclusion. In some cases, this can cause serious difficulties, the author faces the question, “What should be written in the conclusion of the essay and how to finish it correctly?” In this article, we will try to tell you why it is so important to conclude an essay competently, and how to do it correctly.

The essay usually has no rigid standards of design and is a free statement of thoughts. But, as a rule, when constructing an essay of this genre, you should adhere to some points:

  • In the beginning, there is an introduction;
  • Then (in the main part) sets out the author’s thoughts in the form of brief theses and supported by arguments;
  • And finally, the conclusion, which we will talk more about.

Proper summarizing is very important when writing any work, including essays. First, it clearly and logically makes the work complete, and understandable to the reader: the narrative is not interrupted, and gradually goes to its conclusion. Secondly, it demonstrates the literacy and labor input of the essay author, he did the work, understood the topic, studied certain materials, expressed his thoughts, and, finally, was able to conclude. 

So what should we look for in the final part of the essay? First, you can repeat the main topic of the work, highlighting the main points that had to be studied. You can also briefly write out the main ideas on which you once again want to focus the reader’s attention. To avoid repetition, it is worth repeating the points that were touched upon earlier. Conclusions on those aspects already mentioned in the introduction or main body can also be presented in a slightly different form or use special phrases when stating them. For example, “summarizing, we would like to note”, “the analysis has shown the following”, “as a result, the following conclusions can be drawn”, “the arguments presented earlier show that”, “this confirms our thought that”, etc. So, in an effective essay it is customary to introduce arguments. The more arguments, the better.

It is important to understand that the conclusion cannot contain new information or facts that have not been mentioned before, as this may overwhelm or confuse the reader. Conclusions are made only based on what has already been covered before.

You can conclude the essay with a beautiful phrase that will make the reader think about the problem posed or call for some action. You can recall a quote from a famous person, a proverb, or a phraseology, but here the main thing is not to go overboard and insert the statement appropriately. You probably have a lot of other assignments. So if you are tired and unable to do your homework you can check subreddit to find assistance.

In this article, we have tried to tell you why you need a conclusion in an essay and how to write it correctly. Using the suggested recommendations, you will be able to write a conclusion to an essay on any topic quickly and without much difficulty!

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