How to share screen on facetime call on iPhone iOS 15?

The iPhone iOS 15 has brought forth some new changes. Worldwide, iOS 15 was released on 20th September. According to many users, iOS 15 would include some of the greatest and latest features of all time. 

The iOS 15 brings in a redesigned home screen incorporating considerable alterations in the Apple Messenger app called iMessage.

The Lock screen methods have been updated with new notifications and privacy features embedded within the app. 

How to share screen on facetime call on iPhone iOS 15

Notification preferences can be set for different purposes like driving, sleeping, working, and even custom settings on the phone.

How to share screen on facetime call on iPhone iOS 15

The SharePlay version was not available in Beta 1 stage but then became available in the Beta 2 stage. Since they had removed it, people thought they won’t be able to use it when iOS 15 is released but, now it’s active and people can use it easily.

There is a lot of sharing freedom with this function. Not just movies, songs but a whole range of files can be shared with it in place. You can even screen-share your face when required. 

If you want to know the steps of screen share, this is what you need to do.

  • From your iPad or iPhone iMessages functionality, launch Facetime and click on the New FaceTime tab.
  • Add people with whom you wish to share the screen.
  • While on the call, click on Share Play from the upper right section of the screen.
  • Select the Share My Screen tab from the dropdown list.
  • Screen sharing will begin after a few seconds lag.

How to do screen mirroring on FaceTime?

The process of screen mirroring is easy with iPhone or iPad. All you have to do is, follow the below steps to initiate the process.

  • The screen sharing option has to be turned on by visiting System Preferences. Click on the check box that allows the screen sharing process. 
  • Different Apple IDs with which you share your screen must be incorporated in the contact card of your device. 
  • Begin a Facetime call. 
  • You can open Facetime, and search for their ID and then video/audio call them. 
  • You can also go to your call list or contact list, search for your contact, click on the Facetime icon present in their contact list.
  • After the call is connected, you can choose from the front or back of the camera option, the end call option, and the mute button.
  • Press your front or rear camera option if you want to change an audio call to a video call. 
  • From the SharePlay screen drop-down, select the Share My Screen tab to begin the screen sharing process.

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Can you share screen on iPhone?

Yes, you can share the screen on your iPhone.

How to screen share on FaceTime on Mac?

  • From your iMessage app on your Facetime app on your Mac device, message the person you wish to share your screen with.
  • Sharing the screen can be done by choosing the Invite tab to Share the screen. As soon as the screen sharing option starts, an audio call gets connected if you are not on call. Additionally, the Screen sharing app opens up and the process begins. 


The screen sharing feature can be used on all Apple devices, including iOS (iPhones and iPads) alongside Mac computers. If you plan to share your screen, carefully read the instructions from here, and then execute the process.

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