How to unsend an imessage on iPhone that has been delivered?

Sometimes, users have to unsend a message they accidentally sent on their iPhones. The iMessage app lets you send messages to your friends and family with a finger tap. It’s great for keeping in touch, but it can take several seconds for messages to go through before they’re delivered—and even longer for multimedia like pictures and video clips. During that short amount of time, you can undo the message from being sent if you are quick enough to roll your fingers over the iPhone function button before it’s delivered to your recipient.

To know more about unsending messages on iPhone, read this full article. After you finish it, you will have all your answers related to the unsending of iMessages. 

How to unsend an imessage on iPhone?

unsend imessage on ios 16

Once the message is delivered to your recipient through your iPhone, there are no possible chances you will be able to unsend it unless you are an ethical hacker. But it is possible if you just undo your sent message before it gets delivered. Now, this step demands superfast action of your fingers because it won’t take much time for your message to get delivered if you have proper mobile network or internet connectivity. So you just have a couple of seconds to get our task cleared. Follow a quick guide so that you are not in a doubtful stage in future regarding the unsending of a message on your iPhone.

  • If you have sent the message to the recipient, quickly open the control panel section of the iPhone
  • Once the panel is there, click on the Airplane icon to switch on the Airplane mode for your device.
  • This will disconnect all the mobile networks going in and out of your device.
  • Once you are done, the message will not be sent due to no mobile network; hence, you will get a “Not Delivered” notification in the red highlight.
  • Click on the message and then click on More
  • Tap on Delete Message to delete your message
  • After the message is deleted, you can turn off your Airplane mode.

Remember not to turn off the Aeroplane Mode before deleting the Not Delivered message, as it will let the device send the message soon as it get the signal back. 

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How to unsend imessage messages ios 16

The iOS 16 is here, and now you can avail of high-demanding features on iPhone, that as editing and unsending iMessages. Earlier it was not possible to possible to unsend the message once it was delivered. You could have just deleted it if it was left undelivered. But now, even if your message has reached your recipient, unsending of the message is still possible. 

To unsend a iMessage:

  • Open the message section on your iPhone
  • Tap and hold the message you want to delete
  • Click on Undo Send

The selected message will be deleted from your end as well as from the recipient’s end. However, a message stating that you have unsent a message will be displayed, and the recipient will know it. 

How to unsend imessage photo iPhone?

Unsending of iMessage photo is available on the iOS 16 update. If you have iOS 16 installed on your iPhone, you can easily unsend text and photo messages. Remember that the undo option is available only for 2 minutes. Hence you have to unsend it within this range only. Also, even if you have below iOS 16, you still got a chance to unsend photo iMessage. Photos take a few seconds to get delivered as they are large in size. It probably takes a couple of seconds more than text messages. Hence, once you have sent it, you can quickly turn on airplane mode to cut off mobile networks and then click on Delete Message. Since images take time, you will get a few more seconds, but even then, you need to be quick because once it is delivered, there is no option to retrieve it. 

Unsend imessage, not working solution

If you decide to unsend a message from your iPhone, many conditions must be followed. Some of which are:

  • Both you and the recipient should have iOS 16. So even if you unsend iMessage from your end and the recipient does not have access to iOS 16, then he might see your message even after deletion.
  • The unsend feature is available only for iMessages. Hence, you must ensure you are using iMEssage as the communication medium. Normal SMS is shown in green. Hence you can easily distinguish between the two. 
  • Recall your message before the stipulated time else you will not be able to unsend it once the allotted recall period is over.


  1. Try system update with iOS 16 or more
  2. Re-launch your iMessage application
  3. Clear cache memory
  4. Make sure you have a properly working mobile network
  5. Decide to unsend within the recall period


Can I unsend Messages on iMessage?

Yes, you can unsend a message on your iPhone provided that you have version iOS 16 or above. For unsending messages in versions less than that, you need to turn off your mobile networks before the message is delivered. And then click on Delete Message.

How do you Unsend a text message on your iPhone?

To unsend a text message, open your iMessage application. Go to your delivered messages and select the one you wish to unsend. Thereafter, select and hold the message until a pop-up menu appears. Click on Undo Message, and your message will be successfully unsent. Remember, you have to do it within a period of 2 minutes.

Can you delete or Unsend Messages on iMessage?

Yes, you can delete a message on iMessage. For this, both the sender and receiver should have the iOS 16 versions on their device. If not, unsending will not be successful. Also, you have to make sure you are unsending the message within the stipulated time because any time beyond this range and you will no longer be able to delete messages from both sides.

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