Check Vahan application status for driving license renewal

The road transport and highway ministry launched to allow people to apply for their driver’s license, international driver’s license, vehicle license, etc., from the comfort of their homes.

This Parivahan online portal is introduced to make the license application transparent and faster. You only need to upload the necessary documents on the official Parivahan website. Moreover, the applicants must also pay the desired fee for their visa application.

What is the Vahan application?

Check the Vahan application status for driving license renewal

The authority has released the Vahan application, so users can easily apply for their Vahan license online. This application is available via the Parivahan portal, which allows you to apply for your driver’s license online.

The relevant piece of information is easily provided by the Vahan application as follows:

  • Make Model
  • Owner Name
  •  Fuel type
  • Registration date
  • Registration authority
  • Vehicle class
  •  Insurance validity
  •  Fitness validity
  •  Vehicle age


Here are the features of the Vahan application that makes the entire work easier for you:

  •  You can get all details about your vehicle in a single click
  •  It allows the applicants to check their RC details easily
  •  It allows people to pay their taxes on vehicles online
  •  It also provides the vehicle details if the applicant buys a second car through the Vahan application.

How to check the Vahan application status for driving license renewal?

If you want to check your parivahan driving license renewal status, then here are the simple ways you should follow

  • First, you have to visit the official parivahan site.
  • Go into the “Online Services” tab, and choose “driving licensee-related services.”
  •  Now, choose the state of your residence.
  • After choosing your residence state, you will direct to a new page. Here you have to tap “Application Status” from the right side of the page.
  •  Enter your date of birth, application number, and captcha code. Once you fill in such details, tap the “Submit” option.
  •  The status of your driving license renewal application appears in front of you.
  •  You can easily see the action name and status with your driving license renewal application date here.
  •  Here the ” Application Processing Stage” option also appears on your screen.

Along with the parivahan portal, you can also use the state transport official site to check your driving license renewal status. Here is the step-by-step guide to checking the status of your driving license renewal application through the state transport portal

  • First, you have to visit the state transport official site.
  • Then select your residency state.
  •  Now, a new page opens in front of you. Scroll down from here and tap on “driver’s license details.”
  • Enter your date of birth, driving license number, and verification code
  •  Once you enter the accurate details, tap on the “Check Status” option

How much time is required to approve the Vahan application?

The parivahan registration process takes 10-15 days to approve your application. Once you submit your driver’s license renewal or any other vahan application, you should wait for 10-15 days to get a notification of approval from the authority.


You can easily use the vahan application to apply for a driver’s license online from home. It can make the license application process simple and transparent for you.

What is the official site to apply online for a driver's license application?

The official site to apply online for a driver’s license application is This official portal ensures a hassle-free process while online applying for your driver’s license.

Which documents are required for the parivahan application online?

You must submit your residence proof, scanned copy of your birth certificate, and aadhar card to apply for the Parivahan application online.  

What are the features of an online vahan portal?

It is easy for applicants to access various services on the vahan portal. The best thing is that the online vahan portal allows applicants to check the status of their vahan application hassle-free.

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