How to share music on facetime iOS 15 with Spotify?

Sharing music on Facetime iOS 15 with Spotify can be done in the following way.

Steps to share music on facetime iOS 15 with Spotify

  • From the FaceTime app, begin a video call with your friends.
  • Now login to any music app like Spotify or tune in, even to Apple Music.
  • Play a song of your choice, and then press the Share Screen button from your FaceTime app. The FaceTime tab is present after the End button on the upper top corner of the screen.
  • When you click on the New Screen Share or Share Play tab, your group will listen to music on Facetime with you.
How to share music on facetime iOS 15 with Spotify

How to Play music on facetime iOS 15?

To listen to music or to watch films together, you can follow the below steps to ensure your groups can enjoy yourself with you.

  • Open the Settings tab, and press the FaceTime option.
  • Choose SharePlay under the contact information.
  • Turn on SharePlay by toggling the switch beside the icon.
  • Now call your group and connect to all of them.
  • From Apple Music or any other musical app, play a song of your choice. 
  • All your group members can hear the song since SharePlay is enabled on the device.

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How to listen to music on facetime Spotify ios 15?

The way you can group to listen to Spotify music, in the same way, you can listen to music on Facetime.

  • Open the FaceTime app, video call your friend and then choose your music.
  • For choosing music, log in to Spotify, and then select the song or music you wish to play.
  • Once your song starts playing, choose the Share screen option. The group can hear the song as clearly as you can.

How to listen to music together on facetime Spotify?

Sharing music is often a fun time or sporty activity youngsters love to do. Sharing between close-knit groups is a habit taking shape with the launch of new apps and devices promoting them.

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Not only music but sharing movies is a habit. It works great for those groups where only one member buys a subscription and shares the film or the music with the entire group. In that way, all need not have a subscription to all music channels and TV channels.

To share music on Facetime iOS 15 Spotify, you have to begin playing a song on Spotify. At the same time, you will need to share the screen with people on Facetime. When you hear music on Spotify, the same music can be heard by your friends or colleagues, too, with FaceTime.


So here’s a bit of how you can listen to music on FaceTime with SharePlay. Read the steps and use them when using FaceTime.

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