How to use Poparazzi social media App/Platform?

Poparazzi app is used for photo sharing and is an application that came up last Monday. The app is named after a word which rhymes with the word Paparazzi. Paparazzi are people who take photographs of famous people. It was featured in the number one position on the App Store charts recently.

Photos you take of your friends and family appear in the front and the center of the screen. Photos you take of others appear on the secondary tab. This app is made to compete with Instagram and Dispo. This app is a social media platform that is less centered around the self and is more about the people we love.

Alex and Austin Ma are the founders of this particular app. Poparazzi app’s net worth is seen to be increasing as the app slowly gains pace and popularity.

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How to use Paparazzi App?

Poparazzi app social media platform

The process of registration is quite a standard process- 

– You simply have to add your name, phone number, and age when creating an account. 

– You can add your profile picture in the beginning when you’re creating your profile. 

– Further, as soon as you sign up you will be asked access to your phonebook, camera, and notifications.

– Users need to simply take a photo of their friends and family and then need to tag their friends in it. 

– The photos here are candid photos and the app is not meant to crop photos nor can you edit photos or add captions and filters.

– Unless each of you is following the other, tagged photos won’t appear on your user account.

– Poparazzi believes in simplifying the platform and using restricting features.

– There is a major incentive of inviting new friends to the app as there is not much to do without friends in the app.

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The app is very new yet it aims to create a wonderful platform for users who love to click pictures and wish to stay connected with their friends and family. Several features of the app include the ones given below.

  • Clicking photos with the app is easier and photos will be random photos instead of being curated by the app.
  • Sharing photos is easy with the app.
  • Poparazzi is lightweight and very user-friendly.
  • The app is regularly updated by its creators adding new features and stuff to it every day.


The app is new to have many reviews, and right now there are only a few reviews about the app, and that primarily comes from the app users. The reviews have turned out good and are working in favor of spreading the right word for the app.

Is it free?

The app is free to use and can be downloaded for free from the app stores and third-party app stores.

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