How to watch Netflix on facetime with friends on iOS 15?

How to watch Netflix on facetime with friends?

Unfortunately, users cannot watch Netflix movies and shows with Apple’s SharePlay feature.  Even though watching movies is possible, watching Netflix with SharePlay is not enabled on Netflix.

Netflix is not supporting the SharePlay feature currently, whereas certain other apps like HBO, Hulu, Disney+, and many other channels support it.

How to watch Netflix on facetime with friends

How to watch Netflix on facetime together?

Even though Netflix can’t be accessed, different movie channels can still be accessed with FaceTime in this way.

  • From your currently installed iOS device, open the Facetime app.
  • Now, click on the create link option from the dropdown menu.
  • Further, click on the ‘I’ tab, which is present just beside the link.
  • Share link has to be chosen from the dropdown menu.
  • Next, share the meeting link with your friends and family with any messaging apps of your choice or use FaceTime.
  • Choose people with whom you wish to share the movie and call them up using your FaceTime app.
  • Now click on Screen Share and then choose the Share My Screen option from the pop-up.

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How to watch a movie on Netflix on facetime iOS 15?

You cannot watch Netflix over Facetime via apple devices tuned with iOS 15.

How to watch Netflix while video calling?

While you cannot watch Netflix through Facetime, you can watch a movie on it while video calling your friends or family, using an Apple device. 

  • Open up any movie on Netflix of your choice.
  • Now from your iOS or Mac, click on the PiP (picture-in-picture) tab.
  • Next, open up FaceTime and start video calling your friends and family with Netflix running side-by-side.

How to watch movies on facetime iOS 15

HBO, Hulu, Disney+, Pluto TV, Paramount, and ESPN+ are channels that can be shared through SharePlay feature for watching movies & shows on FaceTime iOS 15.

You can use the steps mentioned above to tune in to any movies available in the given movie e-stores. Simply connect with your friends and watch the film through FaceTime.

  • Click on the Create Link option and press the (i) tab to choose the Share Link option.
  • Open FaceTime and choose your friends for sharing the movie.
  • The Share My Screen option needs to be selected from the pop-up of the SharePlay feature to share the film.

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Here’s a brief about how you can watch or stream movies available on different channels syncing with Apple SharePlay.

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