Grocery stores that take Apple pay and Wallet (2024)

As new stores are opening daily, users have started making payments through Apple pay. In the U.S., more than 30 million people visit grocery stores per week. And this number is continuously increasing. The number of stores has also increased. More than 65000 grocery stores and retailers are operating in the U. S.  Most of them accept Apple Pay as their payment method. The customers go into the stores and pick the vegetables patiently, according to their choice and comfort. This article will discuss all the grocery stores that take Apple pay and Wallet for billing in their stores. 

Top Grocery stores that accept Apple pay

Grocery stores that carry Apple pay

In the U.S., most grocery stores accept Apple Pay as it is convenient, reliable, and fast compared to other transactions. Apple pay is a contactless payment method. 

You can make transactions just by scanning Q.R. codes with a few taps. Apart from that, you can search for grocery stores around you with the help of apple pay. Some grocery stores also offer to deliver grocery products to your doorsteps. 

You can find them with Apple Pay and order your product. Grocery stores are generally aligned with Apple pay and accept all the orders received by Apple. 

Now let’s see the list of all the grocery stores that accept Apple pay as their payment method. The list is as follows: 

  1. Acme Markets
  2. Albertsons
  3. ALDI
  4. Bashas’
  5. BI-LO
  6. Cub Foods
  7. Costco
  8. CVS pharmacy
  9. Dan’s Fresh Market
  10. Davis Food & Drug
  11. Dick’s Fresh Market
  12. Duane Reade
  13. Farm Fresh Food & Pharmacy
  14. FoodMaxx
  15. Hannaford
  16. Harveys Supermarket
  17. Hornbacher’s
  18. Jewel-Osco
  19. Lin’s Fresh Market
  20. Lucky
  21. Meijer
  22. Raley’s
  23. Rite Aid
  24. Save Mart Supermarkets
  25. Schnucks
  26. Shaws
  27. Shop n Save
  28. Shoppers Food & Pharmacy
  29. Sprouts Farmers Market
  30. Star Market
  31. Stater Bros.
  32. SuperValu
  33. Trader Joe’s
  34. United Supermarkets
  35. Walgreens
  36. Wegmans
  37. Whole Foods Market
  38. Winn-Dixie

So, some grocery stores accept Apple pay and Wallet as payment methods for their products. Apple Pay is too easy to use and navigate. You can make payments here as you make on other apps.

However, some of the users need to learn that they can find out whether a store accepts Apple pay or not. He needs to use Apple Maps to determine whether a grocery store accepts Apple pay.

But determining whether those stores accept Apple Pay may be a bit lengthy. But there are some steps that anyone can follow to find it. These steps are as follows: 

Step 1: Open the Apple Maps app. 

Step 2: There is a search bar at the upper bottom side of the app. 

Step 3: search the name of the Grocery store you want to know about. 

Step 4: Select the grocery store’s name from the list below in the search bar. 

Step 5: After you have chosen the grocery store, click on the ‘i’ button, which is available in front of the grocery store’s name. 

Step 6: When you scroll down, you will get an option for the “Payment Methods” section; click on it. 

Now you can see whether the store is listed under “Accepted payment methods” Or not. If the store is mentioned under “Accepted payment methods”, it accepts Apple Pay as a payment method; if not, it is not mentioned under it. 

How can I use Apple pay at grocery stores :

As we all know, making transactions through Apple Pay is easy. Anyone can make a payment as he makes the payment to other platforms. But some users are new and need to learn how to use Apple Pay at the grocery store. 

The procedure is too simple. Anyone can make the payment just by following some small instructions as it is a contactless and fast payment method. It provides 100% safe and secure services to Apple Pay users. 

Everyone should adopt it as a payment method for its ease of use. The method below is to make transactions through Apple pay at any store. You can use this method to make transactions at any store that accepts Apple pay as their payment method. 

So to make a transaction through Apple pay, your Apple wallet should be connected with your Apple pay, and there must be sufficient balance in your Apple wallet while making the payment for the product you are purchasing.

It would help if you told the cashier that you would make transactions through apple pay. Now double tap on the side button of your iPhone and let your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac near the NFC reader so that it can connect with your device easily. 

After the successful transaction, you will receive a green check mark or “Done” On your device interface. You will also get a message about the transaction you have made. 


There are lots of stores in the U.S. that accept Apple Pay as their payment method. And most of them are big giants that accept Apple pay. Apple Pay is one of the most reliable, secure, and fast payment-making apps. More than 65000 stores are operating in the U.S., and we have listed all the grocery stores that accept Apple pay. You can use Apple Maps to verify whether a store accepts Apple pay. Making transactions through Apple pay at grocery stores is similar to using Apple pay on other platforms. 


Do stores accept Apple Pay as a payment method? 

Yes, stores accept Apple Pay as a payment method. Most of them accept Apple pay. You can easily determine whether a store accepts Apple Pay using Apple Maps. 

Do Grocery Delivery apps take Apple to pay?

It depends on that grocery delivery app. Well, most apps take Apple to pay for grocery delivery. You can also check it with Apple Maps.

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