Does McDonald’s take Apple Pay in 2024? (A Quick Guide)

McDonalds take Apple Pay

McDonald’s is known to serve a million customers in almost 120 countries. Those who love ordering from McDonald’s need to be aware of the various payment options the restaurant accepts. The knowledge of these payment options can definitely make your life easier when ordering from McDonald’s, as most of us are today quite used to digital payment modes rather than making cash payments.

For those who are reading this section to understand more about the payment options, you must know that McDonald’s accepts different cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover.

Also, those who have an Android device can comfortably use Google Pay.

Users of iOS devices can use both Google Pay and Apple Pay.For Apply Pay to work, you must be registered with your Apple wallet.

Apple Pay is preferred for its enhanced security facilities and privacy options while making payments. Due to these reasons, it is safer to make use of the digital payment options from Apple instead of using cards.

All of these payment methods are supported by the McDonald’s app.Additionally, you can use Apple Pay to pay in the McDonald’s stores as well.

There are several payment modes that can be used to pay your McDonald’s meal charges. Some of them are new digital payment processes like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. If you want to use the illegal payment methods, you could pay by cash or card (debit or credit cards).

Does McDonald’s take Apple Pay through Drive thru?

Painless payments are what define Apple Pay payments at McDonald’s. When your entire focus is on your lip-smacking food, payments should be a swift and hassle-free process. Enjoying food while it’s still warm and inviting is the need of the day, and both Apple Pay and McDonalds understand it.

 Drive thru is the new way of eating at McDonald’s, and payments might seem a bit sketchy initially, but if you have Apple Pay, there is no buzz you need to endure for making payments easily.  Drive-thru allow you to expand your dining options.

Apple Pay is available on your Apple Watch and iPad in addition to your iPhone.To pay, you will need to access your Apple wallet by following a few quick steps.

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How do I use Apple Pay at McDonald’s?

Apple Pay has made life easy for all iOS users. Currently, all food giants and restaurants accept Apple Pay payments. If you want to use the Apple Pay payment facilities, you might want to try reading the different ways in which you can pay via Apple Pay.

When you are in the McDonald’s store, follow these steps.

  • After placing your order, open Apple Pay from your Apple device and double-click the home button on your iPhone or Apple watch.
  • Unlock your Apple Pay by using the passcode, face ID, or Touch ID (processes explained separately below this) and then choose either the primary card linked to your Apple Pay or any other card from the ones tagged.
  • Flash the device near the card reader and wait for the payment confirmation. After confirming the payment, click on the “Done” tab to complete and close the transaction.

Similarly, if you are using the McDonald’s app to make the purchases, here is how you must complete the transaction.

  • Once you checkout after order creation and initiation, choose the “Buy with Apple Pay” option among the ones that crop up in the prompt.
  • The primary card in the wallet will appear, and if you don’t want to make payment through it, you can choose some other cards from the available pack of cards stored on your Apple Pay.
  • Finish the transaction by double tapping the passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID.
  • Press the “Done” tab to complete the payment transaction.
  1. Using Apple Pay through the iPhone, you will need one to complete the following steps:
  • Press the side tab of the phone and confirm your identity either using your Face ID or passcode.
  • Keep the phone close to the NFC Card Reader, and only when a checkmark appears followed by a “Done” prompt can you move ahead and consider the transaction complete.
  1. For the iPhone Touch ID, place your finger on your phone to make the payment. Usually, you must have already saved your fingerprint on your phone, and all you need to do is use it to open your Apple Pay.
  1. For those who use an Apple Watch, they would need to tap twice on the side button to pay using their card.

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How do I use Apple Pay at the  Drive-thru?

Drive- Thru is the new way to suit the convenience and needs of travelers. You can relish a McDonald’s meal even when driving to your favorite destinations. All of the  Drive  Thru provide accessibility and ease of access for customers who are unable to leave McDonalds, even while on vacation. Car parking, hygienic washrooms, and a place to unwind at McDonald’s  Drive-Thru are some of the best options.

Drive-thru payments are also similar to those at their restaurants. The steps that you need to know to make the payments will include ordering your food first via the speaker, followed by moving to the payment window where you need to inform the speaker that you will be using Apple Pay for the payment.

All  Drive-thru payment windows are well-equipped to facilitate Apple Pay payments. Hold your Apple Pay device close to the NFC reader, and once the payment is confirmed, click on the “Done” tab to close the payment window.

The Apple Pay NFC card reader is within the  Driver’s reach from the car’s window in all the McDonald’s  Drive- Thru.

McDonald’s payment methods

The primary point to remember when using the McDelivery app is that it will use Uber Eats for delivery orders. Thus, it will redirect you to Uber Eats for order completion. Based on your location, you may also get DoorDash, GrubHub, or Postmates in your area for McDonald’s order delivery.

All these third-party delivery apps will complete your order and will instruct you to leave the McDonald’s app.

But the app is very Apple-friendly and will use just a click of the button to complete the checkout process.

Alternatively, you can also use the cash payment option to get done with your payments. Primarily, you must set up Apple Pay using McDonald’s.

To begin the Apple Pay set-up process, use these quick and easy steps as described below.

  • Move to your iOS app settings and then open the Wallet app.
  • Add your credit or debit card number manually or even use the phone’s camera to do so.
  • For those who have a pairing with the Apple Watch, they can upload the same debit or credit cards to the app.
  • To add a debit card, press the “add card” button, and then, after pressing the “debit or credit card” option, click on the “continue” tab.
  • Select the bank from the list, and then verify your bank details. Before getting an Apple Pay, you may be asked for more essential information, and you must provide the same.

There are other ways in which the payments can be made. Google Pay is also accepted in McDonald’s restaurants and  Drive Thru. But for online orders, Google Pay will not be an acceptable mode of payment. The Google Pay app does not support Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does McDonald’s Canada take Apple Pay?

McDonald’s is available everywhere, and likewise in Canada, where you can pay them either by using your debit or credit card or through Apple Pay. Apple Pay is readily available in almost all nations wherever they have McDonalds as an accepted mode of payment.

Does McDonald’s take Samsung payments?

Samsung Pay is just another payment mode like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Even though McDonald’s accepts Samsung Pay in their outlets, it won’t accept it when you try to pay via the McDonald’s app. Payments through Samsung Pay can be done as easily as they can be done using Apple Pay. You cannot, however, configure Samsung Pay with your McDonald’s app, as they do not have the option to do so.

Does McDonald’s take EBT?

McDonald’s is a craze, and all would love to have a bite every now and then, but not many can have it when on a budget and looking after a family. Most people in the low-income group get money through different SNAP and EBT benefits. However, it is clear that government money cannot be used to purchase restaurant food, and thus most people stop there.

But if you are one of those who wonders if EBT benefits can be used for getting McDonald’s food, then you must know there is a special facility called the Restaurant Meals Program (RMP). However, not all SNAP recipients are eligible for RMP benefits. Except for houseless people, the disabled, and the elderly, others cannot apply for the RMP benefits.

But this is also not available everywhere; only a chosen few states, like a few specific locations in California, Arizona, and Florida, will allow SNAP recipients to have the benefits. There are some others, like Illinois, who are moving their restaurant redemption options as per the most recent legislation. SNAP benefiters can use the SNAP Retailer Locator tool to find out the facilities available within their state for those who seek SNAP benefits. Since they are primarily supplements for your monthly food needs, SNAP benefits are not allowed in many state restaurants.

Does McDonald’s take cash?

McDonald’s usually accepts cash, but with the coming of May this year, McDonald’s is bringing a new design to all 800 of its branches. The change that is coming is anticipated to be completed in four years.

Out of 1200 restaurants in the UK alone, McDonald’s has already upgraded three, located in Bow in the east, Peckham in the south, and Kirkby in Merseyside. With almost half of people ordering their food through the online extensions, McDonald’s plans to allocate specific areas for different sales channels.

In this way, they plan to reduce the crowd standing and waiting in lines and help make food available faster.

Those who want to pay using cash can still do so using the customer experience pods. These pods are fitted with a till.


There is nothing like a meal from McDonald’s on those dark, dreary, or drippy evenings or mornings. Those who are concerned about the various available payment modes and their functionalities should read further into the payment process from here. This article primarily highlights the need to pay using Apple Pay and, thus, explains everything around it. If you want to know more, you must read all about it here. Also, if you wish to find out the different processes you can use to make the payments, you can do so using the article. In 2022, using Apple Pay to make payments will be the easiest way to go for a quick happy meal from McDonald’s, so knowing the process is a must.

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